Any opinions about Cooper Hospital in Camden and Virtua in Mt Holly NJ? Any opinions about Cooper Hospital in Camden and Virtua in Mt Holly NJ? | allnurses

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Any opinions about Cooper Hospital in Camden and Virtua in Mt Holly NJ?

  1. 0 Hi all! I just accepted a job in Virtua in Mt Holly as per diem. I was wondering if anyone can give me their insights regarding Virtua (Mt Holly). Same question for Cooper (as I have an interview set up in June for their medsurg floor). Any infos, tips etc are welcome. Thank you!
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    Moving to New Jersey forums to elicit more responses from folks who may be familiar with these schools.
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    @ Moogie, how do i do that?
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    I worked in Mt.Holly. I thought it was a nice place to work. They are very dedicated to patient satisfaction and the press ganey reviews.
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    chk23, Thank you! I'm excited then
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    I have worked in several different hospitals while working at Virtua Mt. Holly, I will never leave here, the grass is NOT greener anywhere else!
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    I'm a CNA at Cooper now (and I have had clinical rotations here in nursing school), and my husband is an RN, and we both love it. You really learn a lot here. Cooper's nurses are union, and they just finished their contract negotiations (which were pretty decent). Pay is good with night and weekend differentials. It's really nice always having a resident/fellow/attending on the floor if needed. ICU, Trauma, and Oncology are the floors that seem to have the best environments that I've seen for workers, though I have yet to see a "bad" area. You will work your butt off here, though. The acuity level at Cooper is going to be much higher than what you'll find at other hospitals in SJ. Also, it's in Camden, so you need to make sure you know exactly how to get to and from the hospital - a wrong turn, even a block or two away, is a bad thing. It's a great hospital though where you learn a lot.