WHOOHOO! I rocked!

  1. Ok guys, after a long wait, my scores are in! My composite was 126, 89% overall percentile(one point damn it lol), 80% verbal-stratham has my last verbal scores of 94%, 76% math, considering I guessed on like, 8 of the question, and 77% science. So although I didnt do as well as I hoped, I still am WAY above where I need to be, and am extremely proud of myself Oh, and I will have all my A&P done in like, a week and a half, so that will be an extra 20 points too. YAY!
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  3. by   SarahLovesNovember
    Good Luck!
  4. by   icantsurf
    Do you get an extra 20 points in the application process for doing well on the NLN? How does that point system work exactly?
  5. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    No, the 20 points comes from having A&P I and II done before the application deadline. Then there are 5 points a piece for good references, two references, so there is another 10 points. These points get added onto the composite score of you NLN, and can potentially knock you into another precentile, so I had a composite of 126 I think(Dont have the scores in front of me), then have another 30 points added to that, and that will put me well into the 90 something percentile, because I am 89% right now. Did you go to one of the info sessions? That will answer a ton of questions for you. Good luck!
  6. by   icantsurf
    I just got my NLN scores back today, it was 98% and a composite of 146. I have A&P I and II and two good references. So it sounds like I have decent chance?
    Do you get points for Micro or any other courses?

    I guess I should go to a nursing info session :smackingf
  7. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    you sound like you should be all set, good job on the awesome scores!!
  8. by   icantsurf
    I hope so, it is nerve racking. I was on waiting lists in Maine and then I had to move and am now applying in NH, start all over. Good luck to you too. Thanks for answering my questions!