Where have you applied for 2007?

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    This is the most stressful thing I've ever done!! I've applied to the ASN Program at Rivier and NHCTC/Nashua for Fall 2007. I took the NLN in November and got a 116 Composite, which was good enough to apply to NHCTC, but I got a 48% in the Math, so Riv allowed me to take that portion over which I did today.

    I have all my pre reqs done and have all A's......and I'm so nervous about getting in!!!!

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    Rivier is an open enrollment so if you qualified and your app was complete, then you are in as long as there are slots available still. That should not be a problem this early, so get the rest of your stuff in and pay your $100.00 fee as soon as you can.

    There is an informational session coming up in March- cant remember the dates. Trying to transfer there this year from NHCTC-Laconia.

    Good luck!
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    I'm pretty confident I'll get into Riv- At least I hope....but it's my last choice because it's SO expensive! I'm not likely to qualify for any financial aid so I'll be paying for most of it.

    I'd much rather go to NHCTC-Nashua or the like.....the tuition is much less. I'd rather spend the big bucks when I move on to my BSN.

    But, beggars can't be choosers and I'll basically go to anyone that takes me.

    Why is it so hard!
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    Oh, and good luck to you! Are you an RN already?
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    I have applied to NHCTC in Manchester and Stratham and NHTI in Concord. I am debating about applying to Rivier, it is just sooo expensive, but I really want to get in this fall so I will probably just apply there too. It is my last choice though because of the cost. I agree with the above post, I would rather save my money for my BSN!!
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    I've applied at, NHCTC Laconia, Manchester and stratham, NHTI, Rivier and UNH!
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    Jamie-Sue, have you heard from anywhere yet?

    I just got my letter from Rivier today. I was accepted but put on the wait list because they filled the program last month, before I finished the NLN. There's nine people on the list there so far. I won't know where I am until the end of this week. This is for the night program.
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    I was accepted at rivier, I first went on the AD waiting list and was #4, but I switched to the BSN and am number 4 on that waiting list as well. I haven't heard from anywhere else but know Laconia is sending out letters soon.
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    I am doing the ADN program as well. Were you doing the day program or night? I can't believe they are full already!

    I do think that many will drop out though, once they hear acceptance from other schools they've applied to. It's a fantastic school, but it's so expensive.
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    I was doing day program and will be doing the day program for BSN. You may want to see how there waiting list is for the BSN program. It only takes a year longer and you can STILL get your ADN after two years! I am actually 3 on the BSN list not 4.

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