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Hey everyone! I'm starting the LPN program at St. Joseph's School of Nursing in Nashua this fall! I noticed a few threads about the school on here from people looking into the school as well as students of the school. I'm... Read More

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    They will take prior credits. Just have your transcripts, it has to be within a certain amount of time too ( 5 years) that you have taken those course that you wanted credit for.

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    No it's not too difficult. Just make sure you study for the teas exam so you can get in and yes they take credit transfers if you send in a transcript from the school
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    How do you like the program the school offers? I've talked to some people and they said that they really enjoyed it. The nurse who actually gave me my mantoux test for school graduated from St. Joe's
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    This sounds like a very promising program. Good Luck Ladies
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    Good Luck Ladies,
    I am a graduate from 1994, after graduation from that program I attented NH Technical Institute for an accelerated 1 year RN program. My loyalty is with St. Joseph's they provide a great foundation. Make the most of your clinical experience there.
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    Don't they have a campus in Queens, if I am not mistake? Do they allow you to do LPN-RN? I'm already finished with LPN & would like to finish RN. Thanks
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    I have been looking into st josephs school in nashua , I am currently going to seacoast school for ma and we did a&p 1 and 2 and pharmacology , I read a few people saying they take credits , does anyone know how much the a&p and pharmacology classes cost ? cause it doesn't list the cost of each class on their site , I also read people got their books from amazon and was wondering how much they cost cause 600 for books is too high , and what books would i need... also does anyone know what ever the difference is that financial aid doesn't pay how long the school gives you to pay it back is it the 18 months ?
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    My daughter got admitted to St Joe for LPN but now wants to change to RN. Is that possible? She has not started the LPN yet.
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    Im not a student here but I'm thinking about going there. I saw online that they do LNA training there too, did you or anyone else do it there and then go for your LPN? I was thinking about do that then do the LPN to RN afterwards.

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