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Hey everyone! I'm starting the LPN program at St. Joseph's School of Nursing in Nashua this fall! I noticed a few threads about the school on here from people looking into the school as well as... Read More

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    This sounds like a very promising program. Good Luck Ladies
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    Good Luck Ladies,
    I am a graduate from 1994, after graduation from that program I attented NH Technical Institute for an accelerated 1 year RN program. My loyalty is with St. Joseph's they provide a great foundation. Make the most of your clinical experience there.
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    Don't they have a campus in Queens, if I am not mistake? Do they allow you to do LPN-RN? I'm already finished with LPN & would like to finish RN. Thanks
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    I have been looking into st josephs school in nashua , I am currently going to seacoast school for ma and we did a&p 1 and 2 and pharmacology , I read a few people saying they take credits , does anyone know how much the a&p and pharmacology classes cost ? cause it doesn't list the cost of each class on their site , I also read people got their books from amazon and was wondering how much they cost cause 600 for books is too high , and what books would i need... also does anyone know what ever the difference is that financial aid doesn't pay how long the school gives you to pay it back is it the 18 months ?
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    My daughter got admitted to St Joe for LPN but now wants to change to RN. Is that possible? She has not started the LPN yet.
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    Im not a student here but I'm thinking about going there. I saw online that they do LNA training there too, did you or anyone else do it there and then go for your LPN? I was thinking about do that then do the LPN to RN afterwards.