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hey there. im moving to manchester very soon, and have questions about the pay for lna's. ive worked ltc facilities for 10 years, (rehab and snf) about 4 years acute care in the hospital setting, and one year float pool in the... Read More

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    I'll PM you when I get enough posts.
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    I was a clinic RN in Seattle for 5 years. My pay there ranged from starting at $23.50 and ending at $28.24. Then I moved to NH.

    Pay in NH is much lower than Seattle. I asked for $23 here (since I had 5 yrs experience) and they looked at me like I was crazy. New grads in clinics start at $19.60-ish.

    I know you're an LNA in a hospital so your situation is a little different than mine...but just wanted to point out the differences between Seattle and NH.

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