New MA RN wants to be licensed in NH

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    I live in MA but only about an hour from Manchester, Nashua, etc., so am looking for work there too (new grad stuff sure is thin on the ground). I'm newly licensed as an RN in MA but am confused about the steps needed to obtain a New Hampshire license. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Also, do you guys think it's worth the trouble and expense of obtaining the license before applying for any NH jobs, or should I just apply (for jobs) anyway with the understanding that I could get a license if needed?

    Any and all advice gratefully received.
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    having just done this recently, I can give you some insight. I also live just under 1 hour from Manchester (MA resident) and work there. The process for reciprocity is fairly simple: paperwork, money, and fingerprinting. I will take a few weeks so I would recommend just doing it now. In Manchester, there is a requirement that one has an active NH RN license prior to starting any orientation so, for job prospects, it looks better if you are already credentialed. Salaries are substantially lower than around Boston but, no parking fees, and some good hospitals that are RN friendly. Good luck!
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    Thanks so much. I'm going through the process right now, and I'll force myself to hold off on actually applying for anything until I have the license in my sticky little mits.
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    good luck. So far, NH nursing has treated me well.
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    Hi, I am relocating to the NH area from PA, you mentioned salaries are substantially lower than around Boston. Could you give me an idea of hourly rates in NH?

    Thanks, any info would be appreciated.