LPN programs?

  1. Hello all. First time poster, long time reader and all that.

    I'm an LNA and I've been looking at LPN programs here in southern NH. :typing

    Are there any LPNs out there or LPN students?

    Which programs do you recommend? I know a few schools around here lost their licenses, but I wasn't sure which ones. I had looked at HCTA here in Manchester and the website makes it seem legit.

    Has anyone heard otherwise?

    Any info you have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   questforknowledge
    Hi LNA!
    I too am new to the forum and am in the same boat that you are. I was a CNA in another state and just passed my NH LNA exam so I will be a working LNA in NH in a few weeks. I'm excited to get back into healtcare and am looking into LPN programs myself. I have spoken to people at The New England School of Practical Nursing (HCTA) and I'm pretty convinced that their program is legit. There is another LPN school in Salem, NH called First Choice Training Institute. I haven't spoken to anyone there but I haven't been lead to believe that there is anything covert about either of these institutions.

    Holden Medical Institute, Nashua Campus was another LPN school in the area but was shut down. However their website is still active. You can find archived articles from the local paper. Just google HMI and you can find and read them. :typing

    I am really excited to start an LPN program but am scared about trying to pay for it. In my research I have found that LPN career training is not federally funded = no federal financial aid. And with the economy the way it is I'm sure that it is going to be very hard to get a loan or to even be able to pay for the LPN program. But you may have found some different info in your research.

    I hope all this info helps shed some light for you. If you hear anything else about different programs or loan/payment options please let me know. And if I come across anything that may help you along the way I will pass it along. Good luck!

    P.S. If you haven't stumbled upon this yet, I think this will help...
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  4. by   LNAinNH
    I checked online and it appears that NHTI in Concord has an LPN program as well, so it may be easier to get federal assistance in paying for it. Possibly by applying as a Liberal Arts, then gettng the gen eds out of the way for the nursing courses so I can focus on those all at once without having to worry about A&P.

    I'm going to get my high school chemistry class credit taken care of at Concord High(I never ended up taking it in High School), and then start studying for the NLN so when it comes time to apply for their LPN program, I'll be ready to go.
  5. by   FLGIRL01
    This is more of a question, than a reply. Has anyone else not been accepted into the LPN program their first try? And what is a good NET score? I thought mine was good, but my GPA is not so good. I applied and was not accepted. I'm going to retake the classes I bombed to bring up my GPA and reapply to the program. I really want this and wont give up, but I'm a little discouraged and kind of embarrassed that I didn't get in.
  6. by   shady2178
    What is the difference between the NET test and the NLN test? Most LPN schools I'm looking at mention the NET not NLN.
  7. by   Cardigan2
    New England Practical School of Nursing is a legit school. They are accredited as well. I'm graduating in December. It's a tough program but with good instructors.

    Hope that helps.
  8. by   questforknowledge
    Thanks Cardigan, I am looking into this school for my LPN. What was the entrance exam like? I also can't seem to find anything on the website about financial aid or tuition costs. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance and good luck with graduation and the new career!
  9. by   RealTruth4FCTI
    Stay away from First Choice Training as the NH BON closed down their LPN Program but they will still be happy to take your $18k up front and rip you off.
  10. by   Sjsmith92
    I'm attending St Joseph's school of nursing.. they offer Health occupations, LPN, LPN to RN, and RN programs!