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    I Just got my LNA License number and have been applying for jobs left and right. I am wondering if the job market is just as bad out there for LNA's as it is for New Grad Nursing Students. I applied for about 10 jobs at 6 different hospitals and 4 of the jobs it said I was not qualified and they were looking at other applicants. Another hospital that I talked to told me to keep applying for jobs on their site if I do not hear back from them but I am not sure that all hospitals feel this way. I am curious if any of you have been applying to multiple jobs at the same hospital.

    I also have a question for all of the nuses out there. I am wondering how I can make myself more marketable. A bunch of people in my family are in the medical field and they told me not to go work at a LTC facility if I want to eventually work at a hospital because they will not want me after working at a nursing home. But I am getting very nervous about not finding a job and then no one wanting to hire me because I have taken so much time finding a job.


    Thanks for any information that you have.

    Erin (New LNA)

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    Hi Erin,
    I too am a newly licensed nurse aide in NH. I primarily applied at LTC because I really needed my reimbursement. I applied at a bunch of places, and every place seemed to want experience. The first and only interview I got, I thankfully got the job. I'm not sure if you are looking just to get into a hospital or if you are willing to work LTC, but I'm now working at Hanover Hill Health Care center. Mostly all the LNA's I've meet there started their career there, so they are open to newbies. Good luck, I know it's a difficult but you will do well!!

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    P.S. I guess I didn't read your last paragraph fully. I too have heard about not working in LTC if you want to go on to a hospital. I'm not sure if that's the case for LNA's and RN's. I think if you are going to LNA LTC is fine, but I bet it might be harder to start in LTC as an RN and then move into a hospital. I guess this is kind of a pointless post, but those are my two cents.
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    I'm still looking for a job as an LNA as well, although I must say I hadn't seriously started looking and applying until recently. Many of the hospital positions I have come across require experience, I just interviewed at a LTC and they told me as long as my background check was fine they would call me back to set up orientation.

    I hadn't heard anything about now working in LTC if you wanted a hospital job, wouldn't you think that if they are willing to hire you and you work there for a couple of years and gain experience that would pay off in searching for a hospital job later?
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    The perfect place for an LNA to start is in LTC and then move to a hospital. Some hospital job postings even specifically say LTC experience peferred. As for RNs in LTC, you do what you have to do. If two nurses apply to a hospital job one fresh out of school, and one that has worked as a nurse for a year in LTC, I can't see who that would hurt! good luck!
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    I have 8 people in my family that work in the medical field from a paramedic to 2 nurses and 1 PA working in Boston and they all told me to hold out for a Hospital Job if that is where I want to work. So I am holding out for a hospital job. I have two interviews set up for this week.

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    LTC will get you the experience, and shifting from SNF to hospital, isnt too much a difference. Once you get the year experience, you can always go agency, and work hospital settings that way, and that will count as experience. After I got hospital experience that way, and was applying for hospital jobs, I started getting interviews. Sadly, hospitals are less inclined to hire a new person, just like with your RN, they want someone with experience most times. Not to deter you, Keep applying to where you want, you;ll eventually irritate HR and they'll call you for an interview(no kidding lol, that is how I got several interviews, but I have decided I prefer agency because the pay is better!)
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    Thanks for the post. I just got offered a job at a Rehab which is closer to a hospital than a LTC facility. I can not wait to start my orientation.
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    :spin:I to have my LNA and im glad you got a job,but to everyone else out there,if you want to work in a hospital they want you to have SOME kind of exp. no matter where it is from,truth is i dont think any hospital right now would look at and LNA right out of school with no exp,take what you can get,do well,and start applying for jobs after 6 months that way you have some exp,also take extra classes if you can,take a blod draw course if you want to it makes you more marketable than other LNAs,and personally i wouldnt work in home care right away,working with other LNAs helps you grow,i learned alot working in LTC and glad i did it first

    hope that helps!
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    You can get a job in a hospital after working LTC. Hospitals just like to generally see a year of experience under your belt-worse case, you suck it up in LTC for a year, thats what I did, then I started working for agency and got TONS of hospital experience on all sorts of different floors. Supposedly the rumor of nurses working LTC then going to hospitals as undesirable, is true, b/c in LTC you're more a pill pusher than anything, no assessments or different situations to deal with, where you get that all the time in the hospital. But at the same time, experience IS experience,

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