Job Market in NH?

  1. Hey! I'm a new nurse currently working on a busy med surg floor in NC. I so badly want to come home to is the job market for nurses?
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  3. by   Zookeeper3
    Dartmouth is hiring....
  4. by   KBICU
    CMC/Elliot hiring also
  5. by   olliesmommy1005
    I'm hoping to get to the Dover/Portsmouth area....CMC/Elliott wouldn't be too bad. Looking to be closer to family. Thanks!
  6. by   hoperenae
    I've heard Portsmouth Regional Hospital is hiring. I've also seen a lot of postings about Exeter Hospital recently as well.
  7. by   evgeneia
    Hi everyone--
    I see this is an older thread and not sure if it's still viewed...
    In case it is--how is the job market in NH currently? I'm a newer nurse (second career) with 1+ years in Peds ER at a level 1 trauma ctr, and currently working for the VA in Palliative Care.

    Due to family changes, I'm planning a move back home to New England--probably NH in the Dover/Durham/Rochester area, but am open to southern ME and western MA.

    I'm working on NH licensure--and will then begin looking once that's been secured. I anticipate a move around the beginning of the year.

    Does anybody have information about the job market? Is it difficult to get hired coming from out of state?

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