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    I'm wondering if anyone else would be interested in posting about their applications to Dartmouth Hitchcock? I had (what I think) was a good phone interview a week ago, but I haven't heard anything since then. Was anyone told about timelines for nurse manager interviews on-site? I think I'm in the running for a seat in the October 1 group, on a surgical unit. Any info or insight you have would be great, thanks!
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    Did you ever hear more back?
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    No, I didn't! Did you?
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    My phone interview was just last week. Nothing back yet, but it's only been a few days. I waited at least two months just to get the phone interview, too. Not a very speedy or clear hiring process, is it?
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    Good luck to you both! I'm native from NH and was looking into applying (since I live in NC now and want to come home!) I took too long to apply and now they're no longer accepting apps....bummer!
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    I've been waiting too, I got a call back from the recruiter on Friday though. She said the OR was interested in interviewing me, and she'd call right back with a time. Still waiting that call Glad to know we're in the same boat, and it's not a bad sign.
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    After my phone interview, I got an email to schedule an in-person interview the next week. She had mentioned they were looking to fill the last few spots, but I accepted another position at a hospital closer. Good luck to the rest of you, though! Hope you heard back!
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    I got into the OR program that starts Oct. 1 did any of you guys? Just trying to meet and get to know my fellow cohorts!

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