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Choosing between LNA Programs

  1. 0 Greetings! I'm looking at several LNA programs in the Southern NH area and I'm wondering if there is anyway to find out their reputations. I've narrowed them down to 3 that seem appealing and I'm inclined to go with the one that best fits my schedule, but I want to be sure that I'm not hurting my chances of getting a job later based on where I received my training. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I'm thinking of Med Pro Educational Services, LNA Health Careers, and the Hearts and Minds programs. They all seem to be pretty complete in their training so I'm wondering if it's only a matter of personal preference.

    Thanks for any input!!
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    I can't say enough good things about LNA Health Careers. I am a graduate of their program and had no trouble finding employment. I have since met other graduates from 5 and 6 years ago who say the same thing. Their course has an additional 10 hours (100 hours being the state requirement) plus you will have a really caring and professional staff. You should find out which facilities you will be doing your clincial in...that may help you decide. Lots of luck in your new career.
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    I graduated from LNA Health Careers and it was one of the best experiences. It was very informative and the learning experience was fun. I had an amazing instructor whom I've stayed in contact with since 2007. I've heard around though that recently they've changed over management and turned over a new leaf and apparently something is different with them and how they conduct things. But overrall, when I went there it was awesome!
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    Anyone have any reviews on Med Pro LNA course in Dover?
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    I'm getting ready to start clinical section of my classes at LNA Health Careers. So far, I'm really glad that I choose them.

    In regards to Med Pro, I have heard good things about them too. My neighbor just completed her LNA with them and was very satisfied with her experience. I choose LNA because of the recommendations I received and because of the scheduling availability.

    Thanks for the responses I received!! :heartbeat
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    I went to LNA Health Car. Immediatly got hired on med/surg in a hospital. Excellent program, great instructors. Attended approx. 3 yrs ago.
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    went to LNA Health Careers and loved it
    my teacher is gone now but she was GREAT staff was very friendly
    would Reccomed
    to anyone!
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    I went through Hearts and Minds. I really enjoyed the course and instructor.:1luvu:
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    I'm starting the Red Cross LNA program at Great Bay Community College on Monday! The nice thing about this program is that there are enough "hours" to be certified in Maine as well. Plus there's Professional Rescuer/CPR training. Good luck!
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    I did the MedPro weekends in Dover NH. Honestly I wouldn't recommend it. I feel like I don't know a thing. It seemed like the woman that did it during the weekdays there, was pretty good though. I think it was more of an instructor thing than a program thing.

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