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sooo... i haven't even started my first class yet, i am on the 22nd.. but i feel like this is going to take forever! i have 5, maybe 6 classes to take before i even apply for the rn program. i am... Read More

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    Don't worry...there are actually several people in my nursing class who took A&P 1 the first semester, A&P 2 the second semester, and micro during the summer. It's doable. What I would do is try and study as much as possible for the NLN exam you have to take in order to get in. I also have 2 kids and can't imagine having to do any other classes on top of nursing. Last semester, I did the online Developmental Psychology which was pretty easy. It's doable...the people I know who took those other classes in addition to nursing also had kids. Good luck!!!

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    I am doing exactly what you are!! I started 2 years ago with just the non-nursing classes...the microbiology, A&P, etc because I work full time and didn't have the money not to!...and now this fall I am FINALLY starting the Nursing program to get my RN...

    To me, it seemed like it was never going to end! Like I was just going to be taking classes to get into Nursing school for the rest of my life lol. But now there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel--only 2 years to go. I actually think doing it this way benefited me because I learned how to get organized and take good notes, and stuff like that so that I am more prepared for Nursing this Fall...

    You can do it!! It'll go by faster than you think....soon this semester will be over, then the next, then you'll be ready to graduate lol.
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    well you have probably graduated by now but I just wanted to commend you for your efforts. I graduated in 2003 with my Medical assistant degree, worked for 5 years, took classes towards my LPN, graduated with a LPN diploma in 2008, and have just finally started taking my science classes again towards my RN. I hope to be accepted into a program fall 2013. I think the most important take home message is never give up on your dream. I wish you the best of luck! I think in this economy (and for your sanity) taking it step by step is the way to go!

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