All that snow!

  1. My husband and I have thought about moving to New Hampshire, maybe, kinda (he hates the snow...hard sell!) We live in southeastern Indiana presently. We love living in the country, and because of that we have to drive an hour and ten minutes to get to our work. I work at a hospital in cardiopulmonary step-down, and my hubby is a network engineer for another hospital. We're both considered essential personnel. Hubby pointed out that he can't imagine having a foot and a half of snow dump on you and then trying to get to work the next day. So what do you do when all that snow hits you and you HAVE to get to work? Do they plow the roads really well or something? I mean, where we are, if there is 4 inches of snow they call the schools off because we have so many hills and valleys.

    My husband's boss is a real ass, and even when they have plenty of people to cover what needs to be done at work he will still make snide remarks about anyone who doesn't make it in due to bad weather. Hubby hates this, and so hates any bad weather that makes going in any harder. He hates the work environment as it is! That's another story, though...

    So how do all you "essential personnel" cope with that horrible snow in New Hampshire?

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  3. by   1MOM2RN
    We hope the roads are plowed, and know how to drive on poorly-plowed roads in case they're not! And several times, I'm stayed overnight at the hospital, in a vacant room, when a huge storm was forecasted, so that I was sure to be available the next day. And around here, I certainly wouldn't settle 1hour+ from where you intended to work.
  4. by   1MOM2RN
    i would also wonder why you were considering nh if your husband hates snow? last year we had well in excess of 100 inches of snow, and this year has been pretty brutal as well. i'm a native new englander and i am very tired of snow...
  5. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Four wheel Drive!