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Hi all, wondering if anyone is applying to the nursing program at UNLV for spring 2014? This kills me to ask; but if so, how many points do you have and what makes you want to be a nurse? Good luck to all those hopeful nurses... Read More

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    Thanks jaxxiepoo and samurisammi! I called the company and they said they accept returns/exchanges although we're responsible for the freight fees which is not cheap at all. So hopefully i did pick the right sizes too!
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    I tried the scrub tops on like 3-4 times because I was so unsure of what size to get. Was going to go with a small but decided to go with the medium since she mentioned a larger size is easier to get off without bodily fluids touching the face.
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    By the way, has any of you received an email regarding the blood test yet? I haven't so just checking with you guys.
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    I haven't received a email yet.
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    One got sent out about 30 minutes after the last post. The forms are available for pick up in BHS 419
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    Hey guys! Congrats to everyone who got in! woo! My name is Karina and I got in for the fall 2013. Long story short I have to retake certain classes with the spring of 2014 so now I will be in your graduating class!! Woo! I cant wait to meet my new class. Im finishing up this semester and let me just say it they definitely were NOT kidding about the workload! haha! If you have ANY questions at all just let me know. Since it'll be my second time around in level one I want to help/give advice as much as I can! See you guys this spring!
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    I got a call today and I GOT IN !!! I have an orientation on Tuesday and I was wondering around how much you guys ended up spending and if you needed a credit card or if a debit would be okay?!
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    Congratulations EmmmGrace! I'm so happy for you! I felt so bad you didn't get a call before because you sounded so passionate about it. I just used my debit card at the contract signing to pay for the background/drug test, and then bought my scrubs online at home afterwards because the website wasn't working right. Karina, thanks for the heads up on workload, and I'm excited you'll be joining our class. Can't wait to get advice from someone who's been through it already. I'm already having anxiety about how much work everyone says it is! See you guys at orientation!
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    Debit or credit is fine (it just can't be cash since you will be paying for everything online during your first orientation). I wish I could remember exactly but I think the background check was 50.00 and the scrubs were 100, I believe. At least for last semester. I heard they may be getting a deal for cheaper scrubs though! . They give you a form to do your TB test free. They also give you a list of places to get CPR certified and get a physical. I went to a location on the list in Henderson, the physical was about 45 and the cpr certification was 50 I believe. Hope this helps!
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