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    Hi! I have an interview with Summerlin for their womens center. I wanted to know anyones thoughts on the hospital. Any info would be greatly appreciated! I am and a recent grad new to the area . I don't know much about the hospital, Thanks!

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    Clean pretty hospital in an affluent part of town. You are not going to get any homeless there. I did a clinical rotation there. Never heard anything bad about it. I'm sure you'll like it there.

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    Hi, I also had an interview in the women's center. I was pretty impressed with the hospital, very clean and staff looked happy.
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    ^ that's what i noticed about summerlin nurses. they seem happier compared to the sunrise & spring valley nurses. i could be wrong, though hehe
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    Hello centromlv,

    I am new here at and I read about your post about your interview at Summerlin hospital. I just want to know how many interviews they gave you? I was interviewed last week and I don't how I did. The hiring manager just told me that a recruiter will contact me next week to discuss the hiring process. She gave me her business card and after that she took me for a tour on the unit. DId you have the same experience? I am very grateful for your response.

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    I am very sorry, I meant to ask sunnyb714. I apologize centromlv for this mistake.
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    I am looking for a postpartum job in Vegas. Anyone know of any openings?
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    I think I saw some positions online with Spring Valley hospital. I'm doing my OB clinical rotation there this semester and my instructor is a wonderful L&D nurse.

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