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I would like to hear from students of this program, do you recommend it? I can't imagine doing the didactic portion of a Nursing program online and then coming to campus/clinical sites for the rest of the program. Are students... Read More

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    What an intense application process!!! I am waiting to hear if I got into the October ABSN program!

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    What have you done so far? I will finish the ABSN program at the end of this month. Just wondering if the application process has changed since I entered nearly 15 months ago? I have friends that are asking about Roseman and I can only tell them what my experiences have been.

    Best of luck to you,
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    Hi Tex201,

    I'm starting the program in October. I'm sure you've probably heard but the July cohort was canceled so the administration could reevaluate the program. I read your reviews and it made me extremely nervous to apply/attend Roseman. I explained to the interviewers about the reviews I read online and all the negativity being expressed about the program. I was told that they extended the program by about 3.5 weeks to include scheduled times with the instructors to answer questions the students have. Do you think that will be helpful?

    My main concern thus far after reading your reviews is about students passing exams on pure luck! Do you have any suggestions on how to better prepare for the unexpected? any tips for success in this program? Anything that will help increase our chances of success? I will be sure to pass them along to anyone I meet!

    A few other questions about the program:
    1. Did you buy ebooks or hard copies? Can you provide pros/cons of either?
    2. Do you know of any additional books that would be helpful?
    3. Can you give me an idea of how many hours per day you spend studying?
    4. Are there any instructors to be worried about?
    5. Do you have any suggestions on areas in Las Vegas to live?

    Thank you for providing your reviews!


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    Hi Ashley!

    I would make a very strong suggestion that you live in a comfortable place, esp with proper air-conditioning!!! When it's over 100 degrees outside at 3:00AM then you will understand the importance of central AC. I would suggest that you choose from properties listed with Ovation Properties Management at The Firenze Apartments and Verona are similar in quality, price and amenities. I looked at others and believe me you will not be happy with cheaper ones with window unit AC plus they all have washer/dryers inside your apartment, pools, etc. (The cheaper apts are usually only about 50.00/mo less --- and poor environment)... Remember you will be spending 95% of your time in will be your classroom, study hall and living space. These are properties within 10 min drive of school and not too far from hospitals for clinical rotations.

    A word of wisdom....decide very carefully if you want a roommate or not. If your roommates don't make it through the program you will be stuck with the lease.... plus it's a very stressful program and roommates will add additional stress for all kinds of reasons....very distracting on all levels.

    I always get hard copies of my books because I hate sitting at a computer to read them, plus I like to write on them and highlight things. You will spend enough time in front of the computer screen...but everyone studies differently and if you prefer digital books then that's your choice. Not all books are created equal...but you never know which ones you will actually need to use until you read them... :-)

    Probably 95% of your waking hours will be spent on studying, preparing for labs, attending labs, taping your lab exams, doing daily posts online, reading and reviewing for exams. Sometimes there will not be enough time to cover all the reading materials, videos, etc and you will have to decide what is the best use of your time and what materials are priority and what books are priority.... you will understand that better once you are in the program. You will need to find your best system to get through the material and how you best review for exams. Everyone has a different system that works best for them. If you need more pointers, I can only tell you what works best for me personally. .... so let me know if you need more specifics.

    Our "instructors" changed every block and very few of the instructors we had are still at the school. I would be better able to give pros and cons when I see a list of current instructors. Online "moderators" are different than the on site instructors for each block. Your amount of interaction with both will very from block to block. The ABSN is self-directed and you must be able to self-teach a lot and sort through conflicting material and "answers" from various sources. Again, you will understand what I'm saying when you are in the program actually going through the blocks.

    Hope this helps.

    Best of luck
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    Hey Ashley!
    It's October....... what have your heard from Roseman? When does the October cohort begin?
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    I'm applying for the February cohort. This info was enlightening.

    The recruiters sure stay connected with interested applicants!
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    Quote from nursealias
    As a 1st cohort graduate of the ABSN program, I did pass my exit exam and NCLEX on first try. I attribute my success to myself because the professors and facilitator's did not teach me, I taught myself.

    ABSN is learn on your own!!

    My advice to those in the program is to find additional learning tools. There are many additional books that are more too the point and give a clearer idea of disease processes than the books we are assigned. You don't have the time to do assignments, read, review, and learn what you need to pass the test.

    Practice how to become a great test taker!!! Do as many practice tests you can find and learn rationales.
    Be organized, get all your homework done and assignments out of the way so you focus on passing the test.
    Look at each disease process in terms of what would I see if it were happening in front of me (I.E. would they be cool, clammy, pale, etc...) Know top 3-4 Classic (distinct) Signs, symptoms, what the treatment is, labs you would see, meds that are use. Do this for each disease in the study guide.

    Don't listen to all the already know what those are...Just focus on passing each test. Practice taking tests daily...its a way of thinking and it will help you on the questions that catch you off guard. Always figure out what the question is actually it an assessment or intervention, is it a priority...(priorities there an ABC answer that applies) DON'T SECOND GUESS YOURSELF!!!

    If your are thinking about attending Roseman, just know if you do, you will be living in a constant state of impending doom! You will have no life and you are spending a ton of money to be treated this way. If you are not able to be an independant not attend this school.

    Good luck, I am relieved I made it through this program, but I would not ever recommend this school to anyone I know.

    I totally agree with you! Cohort 3 just finished at the end of Sept. and everyone managed to pass the exit exam. I was wondering if you took a review class for the NCLEX and if you did, what one did you use. I'm not so sure that I will take a review class, always did very well on all the ATI exams. Do you think the ATIs are an accurate predictor of passing the NCLEX the first time?

    What state are you going to work in?

    Thanks for your input.
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    Hi Tex 201!

    I start in two days! Did you have your pinning ceremony last Friday? I was going to go but I got busy unpacking! I'm nervous about how FAST this program is and the heavy workload but I must remain positive!
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    Yes, our pinning was last Friday, the same day as the exit exam.... LOL!

    Well, good luck and hang onto your hat....your next 15 months will be quite a ride. Your assigned group members will become a great strength and help in times of stress, your attitude and determination will definitely carry you through the crazy times.... Keep in touch as you go along!
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    Hi Aubrey,

    I was wondering how strict Roseman is on their teas scores. My GPA is a 3.5 and Teas score overall was a 70.7% I spoke with the admitting rep and have applied. She told me that my teas score was a minor issue. I just need some insight on their acceptances requirements.

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