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I would like to hear from students of this program, do you recommend it? I can't imagine doing the didactic portion of a Nursing program online and then coming to campus/clinical sites for the rest... Read More

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    To both Tex201 and CAK-Nurse, I cannot disagree with many of your statements especially since we are in different cohorts. In some ways we have had different experiences, but I am sure that is consistent with different student in any program. It is too bad it has not been the best experience, but at least you would not change your decision to come to Roseman if you could.

    If you would like more help I would urge you to go to the main campus and speak with some of the permanent staff who teach for the BSN program. I have found they are very willing to spend some time helping with any concepts I have found difficult. Also, if you need help with any lab skills the director of the lab department is very willing to open the lab and work with you individually until you feel comfortable with the skills. You both seem like positive people and I hope you make it through the rest of the program without any problems. I am just finishing my community health clinical...then leadership, practicum, and back to California. I am sure you both will be succesful...Good luck with everything.

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    As a 1st cohort graduate of the ABSN program, I did pass my exit exam and NCLEX on first try. I attribute my success to myself because the professors and facilitator's did not teach me, I taught myself.

    ABSN is learn on your own!!

    My advice to those in the program is to find additional learning tools. There are many additional books that are more too the point and give a clearer idea of disease processes than the books we are assigned. You don't have the time to do assignments, read, review, and learn what you need to pass the test.

    Practice how to become a great test taker!!! Do as many practice tests you can find and learn rationales.
    Be organized, get all your homework done and assignments out of the way so you focus on passing the test.
    Look at each disease process in terms of what would I see if it were happening in front of me (I.E. would they be cool, clammy, pale, etc...) Know top 3-4 Classic (distinct) Signs, symptoms, what the treatment is, labs you would see, meds that are use. Do this for each disease in the study guide.

    Don't listen to all the already know what those are...Just focus on passing each test. Practice taking tests daily...its a way of thinking and it will help you on the questions that catch you off guard. Always figure out what the question is actually it an assessment or intervention, is it a priority...(priorities there an ABC answer that applies) DON'T SECOND GUESS YOURSELF!!!

    If your are thinking about attending Roseman, just know if you do, you will be living in a constant state of impending doom! You will have no life and you are spending a ton of money to be treated this way. If you are not able to be an independant not attend this school.

    Good luck, I am relieved I made it through this program, but I would not ever recommend this school to anyone I know.
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    HI Tex201 and CAK-nurse...

    I am currently applying to Rosemans's ABSN program, but after I read both of your comments about the program I'm considering the BSN program. It seems as if Roseman admissions are good in recruiting students but fail to keep them in the program. I talked to one of the admissions advisors and she made it seem to be a program that is not what you guys have said.
    I just thank you guys for being honest and informative. You guys are great students and future nurses. I am a California resident planning on going there in October for the BSN program and I am asking if you guys know if after graduating from there....can my degree having a BS in nursing in Nevada be transferable to California? I was thinking that I can go there to earn my degree in nursing and than afterwards come back to California and look for jobs out here. Do you guys know if that possible? I spoke to the admissions representatives and she told me its possible but right now I really don't trust what they say due to the experiences you guys have been guys are very strong and I applaud your hard work and determination to be great nurses. Its just not fair that people could have actually passed the NCLEX if it weren't for their lack of organization and technicalities. Please reply back thank you so much )))
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    Hi Neomi!

    Welcome to your future in nursing!!! :-) Yes, We all felt that it was our duty to inform others so they can make an educated, informed decision on what school they choose to attend. I am from Cali too (as is most of my cohort). I researched a lot prior to coming here and I probably would have made a different choice had I received honest responses to my information requests from students at that time.....but I am nearly finished and plan to succeed, graduate and pass the NCLEX.

    Regarding the NCLEX, you can take the exam in any state you want after graduation. The accreditation is accepted in other states. You will be able to go onto a masters or other programs as well in Cali. Plus, you will have a 4.0 GPA, (well earned I might add), which is an advantage in getting into some advanced programs. I plan to return to Cali and take the exam there and be licensed in Cali, no problem.

    If you have any questions, let me know.

    Best regards!
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    Hi Neomi!

    I am reading these comments too and I have just been accepted into the ABSN Program in October as well. I am a very good self learner but geesh it sounds like I might be almost out my league with the 90% passing rate and hard exams.

    I will be calling tomorrow to see how hard is it to switch to different programs, but please call me or email me if you plan to stick to the ABSN. I am looking for a roommate as well.

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    What school did you take your NV Constitution, and medical terminology from?


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    I am thinking about applying as I am currently at Nevada State and it's so competitive for spots that it's ridiculous. What kinds of GPA and TEAS scores did you have when you applied and did any of you ever consider NSC's program initially?
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    Hi Aubrey!
    If you have at least a B average and descent TEAS you would have no problem getting into Roseman.
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    How much is the total cost of the 14 month program? I read 85,000 and 50,000. Which is it?
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    i had to take out loans for school tuition and fees, plus living expenses too, so if you have the funds to live on your loans won't be as high. i have 3 months left in the 14 month program and my loans will total right at 85k.

    when you go through orientation you are given a detailed itemization of all the expenses and they were definitely more than what the website quoted.

    some of my classmates only took out loans for the tuition, others are like me and had to get loans for everything...

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