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  1. So what's going on!

    It seems like things are drying up in Las Vegas. I don't see half the jobs that I did a year ago.What happened to the critical nursing shortage in Las Vegas? Is there still a demand? Is this just a temporary thing? Too many nurses? What?

    I know the economy is bad but people "still" get sick, right? Aren't people still moving there? UMC doesn't have any jobs!

    Please give me the scoop!

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  3. by   VegasEMT
    How did you come across this information? My friend was just offered a position at Summerlin for a very good wage.
    Every day I see unending open RN positions. Do not compare UMC to the rest of the Valley or the outpatient clinics or the rehabs. I have not even graduated yet and I have Nursing managers at facilities telling me "Will you graduate already so you can work".

    UMC is not the best. from my professional experience with UMC that is one of 2 places I do not want to work when I graduate.
  4. by   Yost70
    Vegas EMT,

    Well, I just noticed that there aren't as "many" jobs posted as earlier. HCA doesn't seem to have as many FT positions as they did before. Your right, there are still jobs but I get the sense that RNs aren't in such great demand like they were a couple of years ago. I guess I'm exaggerating a little bit.

    Therefore, in your opinion, is there still a big demand out there? Are they still offering relocation bonuses to out-of-state nurses.

    By the way, which system is the best to work for, and are they unionized? Who pays the best for nurses with 15+ years experience(management,critical care)?

    Thanks Vegas EMT
  5. by   VegasEMT
    From all my nurse friends that I spoke to. It depends on your preference Union hospitals guarantee increases at set rates, Health benefit premiums and protection from bad supervisors.
    Non union places offer better wages much better as you will see when you find a position but no protection.
    I want to work in the Valley system at Summerlin or Centennial Hills.
    Or in the Roses I would want San Martin or Siena. One is union the other is not
    It all depends on your preference and work environment.
    I am a very positive person and I call people out on stuff. It's just my way I don't mean anything by it.
    I dont want to work in a unit with a bunch of negative people. The job is hard enough you need support from co-workers sometimes and RN's that canabolize each other in there units is not cool.
    Oh in Southern Hills the Day Charge in the ER is an awesome guy you could not ask for a better charge nurse.

    You have 15 years critical care.. You could trip and fall into a job you will be fine we need seasoned nurses it's us newbies when we graduate that need to make friends with the managers and show we know our stuff to get our foot in the door.

    as for pay from my friends that are already RNs with your experience you could probably negotiate about $40-$45 an hour. I am not sure about signing bonuses. You are very right in that the shortage is not as extreme as it was, but it's still there.

    Hope that helps
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  6. by   cm21
    thanks vegasemt for all the info. i'm graduating in a few weeks in CA and looking at vegas. what do you think about desert springs or valley hospital in the valley system? versus Centennial Hills and summerlin? are the hospitals in the valley system unionized? thank you!!
  7. by   NewlyLicensedNVRN
    From speaking to various recruiters, there are an abundance of positions. These are earmarked for experienced nurses only. Does anyone have insight on New Grad positions?
  8. by   spongebob6286
    yeah they are looking for the experienced one. i hope they will really give a chance to the new grads. i mean everyone had been a newbie nurse before they became the skillful one
  9. by   pgotm
    New Grad positions are in short supply right now. Very few people from my graduating class have landed positions.
  10. by   LvHaloRN
    New grad positions? What new grad positions? lol There are verrrry few right now. I think I know 1 or 2 people from my whole class that have landed jobs. All these hospitals are hiring, but they want a minimum of 1 - 2 years experience. Meanwhile, places like Sunrise are laying off nurses due to the economy and trying to assist them with job placement. I have a friend a Valley hospital that said they're even closing floors down and making their nurses take off every couple weeks.

    Its frustrating for new grads like myself. We can't even get our foot in the door. But I guess the new grad hiring happens in waves. It takes a lot of $ to do the extensive training a new grad requires, so they wait until they can train a group at one time.
  11. by   Acp25fla
    I know exactly how you feel as a new grad. I graduated in May, passed my Nclex in JUne and can't get a job to save my life!!! I moved to Vegas from Orlando, FL and I thought I was almost guarenteed a job right out of school..or at least that's what my school lead me to believe. So when are these waves that u talk about going to happen??
  12. by   RNindmaking
    I just passed nclex-rn last week. What should i expect now? You think they still hire new RNs? ooh..
  13. by   VegasEMT
    The jobs are there keep your head up..
  14. by   RNindmaking
    Quote from VegasEMT
    The jobs are there keep your head up..

    Thanks VegasEMT.. I really hope i could find a good job for me soon.