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I would like to know what people's experience has Been trying to get into/ register for summer biology classes @ NSC? Do they fill up quickly? Easy to get into? (BIOL 223, 224, 251) did CSN process... Read More

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    For those of you wanting to take Biol 251 at NSC this summer you might want to check the pre-reqs. Right now they require that you have Biol 189 & Chem 110 or Biol 196 & Chem 121 as a pre-req before you can register for Biol 251. They're pretty strict about it too. I had a friend last summer that tried to enroll, he even talked to the Dean and had letters of recommendation from previous bio teachers and they still denied him.

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    Did they not have Chem???? I have Chem 121 & am taking 190 this spring. I was told that would suffice by 2 registrar ladies
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    Nope he didn't have Chem. He was coming from CSN which doesn't require Chem for Biol 251, but CSN also didn't have Biol 251 last summer either. So now he is applying for CSN fall 2011 with 30 or 31 pts.
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    Oh nice! Basically a guaranteed spot!! Yeah, pre-reqs is CRAZY-U gotta call & search & cross check & triple check the course u take is enough. Up in Reno WNC, UNR & TMCC biology classes ALL have different classes & pre-reqs for everything. It is NUTS! PLUS I am planning on NSC For summer, which has different pre-reqs too! Lol But I have figured it all out & I should be set come summer. The registrar @ NSC told me she was proud of me Bc she said that is a common mistake students make is NOT checking 2 see if the class they take will work. (example-UNR has BIOL 190 but doesn't have lab, TMCC has 190 WITH lab that transfers & WNC does not offer it in the Spring this year!!) haha! Crazy... I have to go 2 3 school to get the classes I need this semester (Smh)

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