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I would like to know what people's experience has Been trying to get into/ register for summer biology classes @ NSC? Do they fill up quickly? Easy to get into? (BIOL 223, 224, 251) did CSN process... Read More

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    Oh nice! Basically a guaranteed spot!! Yeah, pre-reqs is CRAZY-U gotta call & search & cross check & triple check the course u take is enough. Up in Reno WNC, UNR & TMCC biology classes ALL have different classes & pre-reqs for everything. It is NUTS! PLUS I am planning on NSC For summer, which has different pre-reqs too! Lol But I have figured it all out & I should be set come summer. The registrar @ NSC told me she was proud of me Bc she said that is a common mistake students make is NOT checking 2 see if the class they take will work. (example-UNR has BIOL 190 but doesn't have lab, TMCC has 190 WITH lab that transfers & WNC does not offer it in the Spring this year!!) haha! Crazy... I have to go 2 3 school to get the classes I need this semester (Smh)