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I'll be graduating in December (I can barely believe it) and plan on moving back to NYC (currently in Nashville). Hoping someone wouldn't mind taking the time to answer a bunch of questions... Heard a little bit about NYP,... Read More

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    Hi, I am a new grad RN and recently got my RN License. I saw your post and I know it was from '07 but I figured that I might as well give it it a shot as I was drawn to this post... My dream is to become a NICU nurse. I was wondering if you would have any suggestions on applying to NYP, specifically for the NICU. This is my dream job and I would love and really appreciate any assistance you could give me! I am new to this website so I can not send private messages but please email me Fingers crossed for a response =)

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    As a new grad in NICU here, you get a minimum of 18 weeks orientation, max 28. Most of it is clinical, but you do take NRP, CPAP class and breastfeeding/developmental care classes. I was able to go to our national respiratory care conference as well as cardiac care conferences here at Columbia while on orientation.