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I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Nursing in May of 2009 and passed the NCLEX RN in July. I have been searching everywhere for a facility in the Las Vegas area that is willing to hire a new... Read More

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    du girl.

    I am currently living in PA trying to get a job in NV. I got my NV license in January when I was out in Las Vegas. I got finger printed in the office and had my official license within 2 weeks! It did cost me aprox $300 with all the misc fees but it is worth it!

    How has your application process been going? I am ready to start applying. I have experience but with all the negative posts it makes me anxious!
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    hello all,

    It sounds like I am in the same situation as a lot of you. My boyfriend has a job in another field and I am going to start applying. What was your experience like? Any information can help in the stressful process! I do have 2 years of experience in med-surg and oncology field. I also am a charge nurse and a CEP (my hospitals career enhancement program designed to mold certain employees into a managerial role)
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    Do you know if the Valley Health System hires new grads throughout the year, or do they offer their program only in specific months? I am currently licensed in CA and looking to transfer my license to NV. Thanks.
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    They seem to hire new grads throughout the year as I have fellow RNs in my new grad program who have started at different times of the year. Valley Hospital hired a bunch of new grads this summer whereas other hospitals within the system hired a select few. The new grad program is year round, with new RNs coming in each month
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    Sunrise, valley, and st. rose have new grad programs. call HR and try and figure out what you can do. I grauated this past may, took nclex in july and as soon as I found out that I passed I called a unit and spoke to the manager so that he could help me get a job, and it worked. I work at sunrise and they just hired a bunch on new grads, theres a 'new grad' spot open now in NICU. Good luck.
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    St. Rose Dominican Hospital is accepting new grad apps until October 7! Check it out..
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    hello everyone! i have been looking for an RN job here in vegas, applied to a lot of jobs, however, no one has called back. I feel bad that I didn't see the new grad program at st rose, the cut off was 10.07, i was not able to submit my application.

    would anyone know any company that is hiring new grads right now? please help, i have been looking for months.

    thank you all for your help!