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I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Nursing in May of 2009 and passed the NCLEX RN in July. I have been searching everywhere for a facility in the Las Vegas area that is willing to hire a new... Read More

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    Just curious, whats your update? Have you found anything in Vegas yet? Where have you applied? I am a BSN student here in Vegas and I'm wondering if anything has improved?

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    6 months applying everywhere with no luck. Advise make your contacts while still doing clinicals. It comes down to who you know.
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    uugh so sorry. I know you are not the only one. I'm a little freaked about it. If you dont mind, where did you do your clinicals? I will take your advise about making contacts...what else would you do differently that I can still do? Any specific location (hospital or specialty) for clinicals you would recommend?
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    Sorry I can not be of help my schooling was in another state. I would focus though if you do your clinicals at the major hospitals...Sunrise hospital, Valley Health Systems, Kindred etc.
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    RN LAS VEGAS, try applying within the Valley Health Systems. I graduated in December 2010 from Nebraska, moved to Vegas after graduation, applied for jobs in April within VHS, and got hired within the same month. I started the new grad program in May and there were 30 other new grads in my class. They seem to still be hiring more new grads so please don't stop trying. You may be the next lucky new grad to be hired! Good luck
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    Did you have your Nevada license before you applied to VHS? I am wondering if I should obtain a Nevada license.
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    I applied when I didn't have Nevada license and when I did. When I didn't have license, they responded that I did not meet the minimum requirements. When I did have my license, my app was in review. I think it's best to obtain licensure first. Best wishes!
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    Additionally, When you apply for Nevada License and you have one from another state you have to pay fees and all sorts of hoops to jump through. Once all is in order Nevada will grant you a temporary Nursing License (6 months) while your fingerprinting and background FBI check is completed. Once completed then your permanent License will be granted. All Nevada Nursing license holders are required to also take a 4 hour Bio-terrorism continuing education course. It is easy and can be accomplished on line. I reiterate. If you speak a second language make that stand out. Make sure to have your American Heart Association in BLS completed as well. These two things will improve your chances for an interview.
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    Thank you NaturalVibes and RN Las Vegas.

    NaturalVibes - I am currently researching how to get NV licensure as I am already CA licensed. How long did it take you to become licensed in NV from another state? Is it a lengthy process?

    RN Las Vegas - How long did it take you to become licensed in NV from another state? Was it a lengthy process for you? Any more tips to improve chances for interview? I've gotten BLS, ACLS, PALS, IV, TNCC certifications and in the process of getting my ECG certification. I do speak conversational Tagalog, but I'm not fluent. I wish I was fluent in other in demand languages.
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    du girl.

    I am currently living in PA trying to get a job in NV. I got my NV license in January when I was out in Las Vegas. I got finger printed in the office and had my official license within 2 weeks! It did cost me aprox $300 with all the misc fees but it is worth it!

    How has your application process been going? I am ready to start applying. I have experience but with all the negative posts it makes me anxious!

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