Nevada State College RN to BSN wants two years of math!!!

  1. I just spoke with the RN to Bsn advisor because I was unable to register online for a math class . I was told that I couldn't register for Math 120 because I needed Elementary Algebra 1 AND Intermediate Algebra to register then take the Math 120 THEN take the Stats course. I have decided that I am not taking two years of math, and so I am going to go somewhere else, but unfortunately there are no other online RN to Bsn schools online in Nevada. I am really crushed and wasn't aware of this before I sent in my money. Just an FYI to those RN's thinking of going to NSC...
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  3. by   smallnurse10
    I believe that UNR's program is online as well. You might want to check into that. Did you take the placement test for math at NSC? I don't think they can keep you from taking the course if you place into it. You could also try taking Math 120 at CSN instead and then transferring.
  4. by   massagechick
    any bachelor degree is going to require you to take a college level math course, you either test into it or take the remedial classes. csn's ADN program not requiring college level math is the exception, not the rule.

    also, to be successful in your chemistry classes you have to be proficient in college level math.
  5. by   RocknRollYogaRn
    I've already taken two chemistries and an elementary elegebra course about 20 years ago. I didn't go to CSN either. I might just take the placement test and see where I score. I only need a few more classes for my BSN but been taking classes mostly in Massachusetts. I stopped about 10 years ago and thought I might want to get my BSN again but I won't go to NSC if so much math is required...I wished my counselor told me that when I met with her.
  6. by   pgotm
    Can't you just take Math 124 and then stats, I mean Math 120 is a waste. You are better off with Math 124. I am in the RN to BSN program right now. PM if you would like to talk.
  7. by   RocknRollYogaRn
    The prereqs are elem. and inter. algebra for Math 120 which is a requirement of the RN to BSN program. I took elem. algebra ~ 10 years ago and so I don't think I could do the intermediate algebra right now because it has been too long for me. Where are you taking your RN to BSN?
  8. by   pgotm
    Well I took a placement test and then took 124. That way you just bypass all that nonsense. CSN offers Maths online. I know that might not be what you want but maybe you can work on other stuff while going to school. I am enrolled at NSC for the RN-BSN. I am a new grad from CSN and want the BSN to help land a federal job. I am taking stats online through CSN, and then Nurs 310, Nurs 416, and PSY 201 all online through NSC. I would do a placement test at CSN and see where you placed. You really have nothing to lose. I looked at online RN to BSN programs and most are way to expensive. I don't want to saddle my family with any student loans. If you have nay more questions, pm me.
  9. by   tmgsn
    I am so sorry to say this.... ..but.....duh!!!--sorry i just had to say it--!!!!
    You have to take math consecutively. I am great at Algebra and Geometry but I suck at word problems so you know what math class I am in? Math 093 baby!!
    Be aware*********
    YOU CAN ONLY TAKE THE PLACEMENT TESTS ONCE EVERY 4 MONTHS. Bone up on your math prior to so you do not end up like me! lol!!!
  10. by   RocknRollYogaRn
    UPDATE:I've been taking classes at NSC since 2010 January, but I haven't taken a math placement test yet I plan on doing it this summer. I have taken 6 classes so far. It has been a great experience so far. I have to get this math thing taken care of because I need it for two classes to graduate. I think I have 5 or 6 more to go before I'm finally done.
    ANY bachelors degree or higher is gonna require college algebra and stats. period. i know it sucks but hey thats the way it is. if you see a person with a BSN...they took those classes probably...
  12. by   puravidaLV
    just CLEP out of math to the level you need.
  13. by   amandazappola
    There rule is- no self placement. I am looking at a good three months of studying this summer before I even attempt the math placement test because I have never been good at it. I would like to place into math 120 but if not then I have to accept that I would not be very successful in the class I if I need the remedial classes anyway. Remember to get all of the information before you attempt to do something because it removes the likelihood of dissapointment later caused by surprises like these. Also worth noting is the fact that CSN math classes are no easier than those at NS. In fact I hear that EVERYTHING is easier at NS. Of course I am just transferring this Fall and I do not have any personal experience to back that claim up with just yet. In terms of math, it would be nice but I am not holding my breath, and the placement tests are all the same anyway. Good luck to you!
  14. by   Cupcake89121
    I took 124 at CSN so I can't comment but I did take the req'd Stat course at NSC and it was very easy. I don't know if it was my teacher or what but I didn't open the book once. I got an A and I am NOT a math person. Anyway, good luck!