National University RN program beware

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    The Nevada nursing board is unhappy with the program at National University. Please nursing students or potential nursing students, Please do your homework!!! They can no longer accept new students!!! UMMM

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    where did you hear this?
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    This information came from an email from the NV nursing Director.... I contacted the NV nursing board to verify the actual status and it should be public knowledge as soon as the minutes are posted of public record. It is a sad event for the patients of Nevada and the students that are in the program or want to complete their education at National
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    That is unfortunate news as my mother in law was looking to enter that program in the near future...however..I thought it was a bad idea from the start so I just hope she can find an alternative soon.

    ps I read the minutes and it turns out the school had a 20% pass rate for only 5 students...thats awful
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    I was thinking on applying to National and just saw this but I can't seem to find anything else online about not taking new students. Is this verified?
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    yes my mil got a letter from them saying they would be notified when they are allowed to take new students
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    Is this just for Nevada? I have been considering National University to do my BSN. I also can't find anything online about this.
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    I am a student in one of the final cohorts... the school is not bad, it was just that fact of so many schools and the low pass rate, the state board of nursing had to crack a whip. National did not have that many students in their first cohorts and it it goes 2 years from when your first student tests, you have to achieve an 80% pass rate. The only place they were wrong was by starting their program when they only had 4 or 5 students. The last cohort that graduated had 10 or so students (this was their biggest class to graduate so far I believe) and all of them passed on the first try. My cohort has 18 students and hopefully we will all pass on our first try.

    Anyways they aren't closing, they are bringing their BSN program from CA-- it is already nationally accredited so the state board of Nursing will approve their provisional licensing... they just have to finish with the ASN program and then they can start on that. It is actually a good school, and the instructors are awesome- including the director. I doubt I will get my BSN there though-- it is TOO expensive!!
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    Are you located in California GonnaAmazeYou? I am located here and it's nice to hear something good about National. I am considering signing up for my BSN.
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    No i am in Las Vegas at their satellite location. I finish in 6 weeks

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