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    Has anyone heard about national univ.? What is their reputation? They offer ASN courses for 23 months.

    I want to ask if it would just be advisable to go to CSN (even though their program is longer) since they have a good reputation & have a good NCLEX-passing statistic.

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    i'm sorry i have never heard of national univeristy. do they have a website? all these new schools for nursing now. keep us posted on what you decide. maybe someone will post about this school.
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    they're website is The Henderson facility offers ASN courses. The address is 2850 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway
    Suite 301, Henderson,NV 89052
    Tel (702) 531-7800
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    Thats a pretty new school. I would assume they would kinks to work out like every new school. I currently go to Apollo, its a 22 month ASN program. When they opened they had things to work out. Personally, I wouldnt want to to be the 1st or 2nd class of a program. They're usually the experimental group on how to arrange lecture, clinicals, etc. Plus it will take them longer to receive full accrediation (because it is a new program).

    These are my thoughts. Good luck to you!
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    Hi there everyone! I too am wondering about National! Lol! I didn't even know about them until today- and I didn't know about Apollo until just now. I just joined. It doesn't seem I can send anyone messages. Nicole 2010, would you mind posting a bit about Apollo? I'd really appreciate it. It seems the choices for an Associate's degree here in Vegas is CSN, Apollo and National? Are there more?
    Thank you,
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    Nazzerena, I sent you a PM
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    Looked under the control panel- didn't see the message-
    Just found it in my Email!
    Thank you! I'm going to read it now!
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    Hi! I heard about NU through a radio advertisement lol. they recently just started a nursing program in the Los Angeles campus. i went to the orientation and did some research about their accreditation, and they looked legitimate.

    the LA campus has a BSN for around 22-24 months
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    Does anyone know how much the BSN program at National University-Los Angeles campus cost. Also do they give credit if your an LVN? any replies would be appreciated.
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    Apollo - $45,000.00 all pre-requisites included. All private colleges will cost above and beyond the community college... aren't you reading the posts from other new RN grads unable to find work? I start at CSN in the fall and I am nervous about the loans I will have from that, I can not imagine going private! RN career is not recession proof! READ, READ, READ!
    Choose carefully grasshopper... Lol!