LPN programs.

  1. 0 I currently live in Ohio, my family however lives in Vegas. I got wait-listed on a LPN program here. It's been in the air for awhile now, that I go live with my family in Vegas. I'm kind of taking this "thinking" kind of seriously.

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me a good, not difficult to get into program in the Las Vegas area? Does any community college offer it? I'm kind of worried about the cost, because I couldn't really afford to go to school here in Ohio. I've looked into CSN, which didn't seem very like it work out well since I haven't got my cna license yet, plus I have no experience. Is there any other ones I should look into?
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    I'm not aware of any other LPN programs except for CSN. But if you google "Nevada Board of Nursing" you can get on the state boards website and it will list all the LPN, RN programs in Nevada. There aren't that many.

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    Dee is correct -- there is only one LPN program in Las Vegas and that is at CSN (www.csn.edu). I just looked it up on the Nevada State Board of Nursing.
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    im in the lpn program at csn. there is no wait list. entry is limited and based on a point system. there were 230 applicants and 27 spots when i applied and got in.
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    also, you have to either have a cna or take the cna classes during first semester of the lpn program.

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