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  1. Hi there.... I am currently a 1st year nursing student at the community college here in WA. When I got accepted into a program last summer it was about the same time my husband got a promotion and had to transfer to Reno. It was difficult for me at that time to give up my spot and move with him, so we decided to stay separated until I graduate in 2011. Anyway, 6 months have gone by and we've found it is so hard to be apart especially the kids that miss their dad terribly. I had thought about finishing my 1st year here and then applying to TMCC or WNC for the 2nd year, but the chances are so slim. Another option I have and would like to try is completing the 1st year and a summer class that will make me eligible to take an exam for becoming a licensed LPN. Once I have a license, I can work as an LPN for probably a year and then go back to school for my RN. Anyway, my problem is I don't know anything at all about the job market in Reno for LPNs. Honestly, I cannot afford to give up my 2nd year spot and then have no job. So, before making any decision, I would like to get some information, idea or suggestions from you guys who are in the area and know the area better than I do. How easy or difficult it is to get a job as an LPN in Reno and what is a start wage for one with no experience?

    Any info or ideas are highly appreciated.
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  3. by   HappyGirl2011
    Try looking into Gentiva. My mom works for them and said they hire lots of LPNs. Personally, I think taking the LPN exam and then continuing on later for your RN is a great idea for your situation. One, your employer may pay a part or all of your schooling to get your RN, and two, your family will all be together. Good luck!
  4. by   Jdreamer05
    Hi, Renown hires LPN's..I know for a fact since I was just hired! Mostly in their skilled facility. Take a look at so see their current experience, starting pay is about 18 with benefits.

    Hope this helps!
  5. by   Reno1978
    If you want to be a RN, I'd finish your program. Is there any way that you'd get to spend the summer with your husband while school isn't in session? That may make things a bit better...

    I did my schooling in NV and there are many ADN and a BSN programs there, but I don't know of any LPN-RN programs (although there are some online, maybe) so you'd probably have to start fresh with nursing school there.

    How were your grades? UNR's entry is GPA based, so that may be good for you if you have a 3.5 or better in your prereqs...I think TMCC has a GPA based entry too. Both are quite competitive, but in my class at UNR, the lowest GPA in my class was a 3.4. Anyhow, at least you'll find once you get residency in NV, the state schools are pretty cheap.

    I dunno what to say - I can see how you'd want to keep your family together, but I can see how you want to finish your schooling, and it'd be discouraging to have to go through the process over again....
  6. by   aoobennett
    Thanks you all for all the info...really appreciate it

    Honestly, this is so difficult for me to make the decision. I worked really hard in order to get into the nursing program here and had my mind set for finishing and becoming an RN within next year. But the family's as well as the financial situation have put so much pressures on me to rethink about getting our family to be reunited again soon.

    I've been checking about the LPN-RN bridge programs in Reno and nearby areas, so far WNC in Carson city is the only school I've found that offers the LPN-RN program.

    Anyway, anyone has the ideas about the differences of scope of practices between LPNs and RNs at the hospital setting?

    Again, I truly appreciate all you guys' replies.
  7. by   Reno1978
    I worked at Renown in Reno and the only LPNs they employed, that I saw, worked in employee health giving immunizations. I didn't see any working as bedside nurses. I could be wrong.

    They are commonly employed in long term care / skilled nursing facilities in Reno, though.

    I didn't realize there was a LPN-RN program in Carson City since it wasn't explicitly listed on the NV BON site, but if I were you, I'd get your LPN and move to NV. I'm sure you can find a job, although probably not hospital based, and you can continue on to get your RN.

    One good thing about the state schools in NV is that they really do a good job establishing course equivalents between all the schools. So if you live in Reno, you can take whatever classes you need to qualify for WNC's program and you should have no problem transferring over.

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