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Hospital interviews

  1. 0 Hey! I graduated w/ my BSN in December 2010 and only took the NCLEX this April and passed. Got my license about 2 weeks ago and began searching for jobs. I kept getting "No longer being considered" within the Valley Health System. I know people wait MONTHS looking for a job here but I feel lucky now. Last week, I got a call from Valley Hospital for a pre-screening and just got a call back yesterday for an interview today (in a couple hours). Before getting a call from Valley, I also applied to a position at Desert Springs yesterday and got a call that same day and have an interview scheduled for tomorrow! I'm so nervous because it's all so soon! I'm just curious about the questions they'll ask for each hospital. Can anyone give any insight? Also, what are your thoughts about the hospitals or what have you heard about them? Not sure which to choose if I get hired at both :/ Starting hourly pay? Thanks
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    Interview went well and I got a job offer!
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    Congrats! I work at desert springs. Which department will you work? Did they hire you as a new grad?
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    Thank you! I'll work on the med/surg unit and I was hired as a new grad
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    good for you! congrats
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    Hi Heidi-RN,

    Congrats! How long does it take for you to receive your license after the nclex?
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    It took a little over a week
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    hi, naturalvibes! how did it work out for you at desert springs? i am thinking about accepting the offer from there, but at the same time i feel a bit uneasy about hospital itself. can you give me some objective feedback, please? should i wait for something else to come my way?