Hired or not???

  1. I had my interview in a skilled nursing facility a week ago. Im not sure if i was hired or what, i asked the executive director if i was hired she told me they are more leaning in hiring me. I had my fingerprinting and they called my reference persons. But until now i haven't heard from them. Do u guys think i was hired or im just waiting for nothing😢
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  3. by   RocknRollYogaRn
    You are hired pending your finferprinting and drug results.
  4. by   lmclors
    How long does it take?

    I did my live scan a week ago
  5. by   konoha
    lmclors!! hello.. Im in a job hunting position, just like where u were before.. congrats on your new job. Anyways, I'm also a foreign grad batch 2011, NV licensed.. Hope you can share with me some tips with regards on job applications.

    I have submitted online applications for the hospitals, should I call the HR every now and then to follow up? Also, I have applied in person on some SNF's, should I call them immediately like after 3 days or should I wait for 2 weeks, or should I even call?
    Mind sharing which ones are hiring? and also how many days or weeks after submitting the application did they start contacting you? Pls pls pls, Im really very determined to work as an RN already. I still live here in Anaheim, Ca, so applying in person required an extra effort for me, so I hope I can get a job after I went last Mon and Tue.
  6. by   lmclors
    I sent you a private message