From Roseman university (USN) trying to transfer to another NV nursing school. Help!

  1. I'm currently attending Roseman University (USN) and I want/need to transfer to another Nevada nursing school. Although I'm aware that this school doesn't transfer out their classes but I still want to give it a try hoping the school i'm applying to will accept the courses. I head some bad things about Touro that they might close the program if they dont meet their NCLEX pass rate by the state (?). Please help if you guys know anything about transferring out to another nursing schools and which schools to recommend.
    Thanks a lot guys!
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  3. by   Nursing Student ABSN
    Try Univeristy of Nevada in Reno...I heard our courses transfer there.
  4. by   24newbie
    Hi , I'm applying to Roseman now, do you mind if I ask why you're trying to leave?
  5. by   kismet7
    I've heard goods things about ...

    I'm currently a student at Roseman and wouldn't suggest the ABSN to my worst enemy. The 90% pass rates make attrition rates really high. The tests are not representative of the material that is in the required reading and lecture slides. I've known people from a few of the cohorts and all say it's really tough. My suggestion would be to talk to as many USN / Roseman students, past and present as you possibly can.
  6. by   mllarose2000
    University of Nevada Reno has an excellent program and an excellent pass rate! Got both my BS and MS there! Love the school!
  7. by   opsvixen
    boy, are you seriously delusional! Do you have any idea of all the social and staff abuse that goes on in there? Discrimination is the byword there; though, they have no problem collecting the fees for "affirmative action." I'm not a bad student. 4.0 gpa, worked for the discoverer of the program (no names mentioned) and she almost didnt leave her money to them due to their poor relationships all the way around. I unfortunately, stood up for them, so hence, they are still around. Big Mistake on my part, and many other, that unlike, the shining star such as yourself, there are many that just aren't "liked" because of color, age, weight, etc. Good luck to you though. But, they have hurt many peoples lives.
  8. by   Nursing Student ABSN
    I am not sure how to comment on your post. As a minority in nursing (white male), I feel like I have not experienced anyone being prejudice. As far as your comments on affirmative action and the founder of the program, I am a student so I do not know anything about these matters. I am not sure how any student would have a relationship with the founder of the nursing program...I think it was founded in 1998. You must be a pretty "big shot" since the school is only around due to you sticking up for them. I hope you do not really feel this way about the school. It sounds like you are having a bad day and using this website not to inform but to rant about your feelings. I think you could still delete your posting which I would suggest since you made some outrageous claims about the school being racist, sexist, and prejudice based on weight. I think some people are not liked but that is based on their character and not physical characteristics. It is a normal human reaction to be defensive when you fail at something, so on behalf of all Roseman University I forgive you.
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