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CSN RN Spring 2013 - page 15

Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and I was wondering if there are any fellow CSN RN Spring '13 hopefuls out there. I just turned in my application today and I would love to get to know some of... Read More

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    Quote from Complextouch55
    For those accepted, how many points did you have?
    I had 28.
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    Okay good! Me too. Still waiting on my call. Congrats!
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    I had 30 points - I am curious now on the total number of applicants and cut-off.

    I hope everyone hears soon so the wait is over!
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    I had 30 as well. I can't wait to meet everyone!
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    Has anyone been called for FT yet?
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    I was accepted for full-time
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    Yes, I'm full-time. I called them at 9am looking for an update and the admin asst said the calls would go out later in the morning, then she put me on hold for a second and came back said "are you ready for this?" and then she said I was accepted!!!
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    just call them. They told me when I called that I was in...
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    Complextouch55, did you apply for the Sept 1 deadline or the late one? I'm asking because I haven't seen you on the thread before today
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    I did the same thing because I had to leave for work and they looked me up and said I was in....
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    I got impatient and I called them and I'm in with 28 points full time!
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    I applied before Sept 1! I've just been creepin on this thread until today.
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    YAY! Congrats!

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