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Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and I was wondering if there are any fellow CSN RN Spring '13 hopefuls out there. I just turned in my application today and I would love to get to know some of... Read More

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    I called the nursing department again, she said they plan on calling people tomorrow. In 5 out of the last 6 semesters they have called on a Wednesday, so lets hope she was just saying that so they don't get overwhelmed with calls from us when they are trying to call out...

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    Thanks for calling... I may be institutionalized by tomorrow! On the bright side if we don't hear today at least we know we will tomorrow. If we get accepted isn't there a packet we have to go get from them?
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    Thanks for calling! I can't think straight and I just want to know!!! Yes, there is a packet to pick up, which I am sure they will give the details when they call.
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    I would think that it would be easier for them to call today and have us pick up the packets tomorrow before the long weekend... wishful thinking on my part! I try to keep reminding myself they have 160 people to call and there are so few of us on the thread that they could be making calls for quite some time before we find out the calls are happening.
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    This waiting makes me wanna just rip somebody's head off
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    SERIOUSLY ARGHHHHHHHHH i cant wait til tomorrow...which seems silly since i have already waited almost two months since i turned my packet in but i cant take it anymore...i was calm about it until the 19th since then i have been twisted up every day waiting to hear something...and last night as i went to sleep i was calm because i figured today would be the day for sure
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    I see lots of people signed on today, but everyone is so quiet. How is everyone passing the time? I've been yapping all day so I'll be quiet now.
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    I am anxious but I also know that the phone call (if I get accepted) is the beginning of a long and hard journey. So I am passing the time by working and studying my A & P autonomic nervous system, dosages and calculations, etc. Because the toughest part will be the program, not the waiting. Don't get me wrong, the waiting is nerve wracking but I am thinking about after! That has my mind working more. Getting through! Good luck everyone and I know I'll see you and we can be a support for each other when the going gets tough.
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    Quote from Sombra1206
    I see lots of people signed on today, but everyone is so quiet. How is everyone passing the time? I've been yapping all day so I'll be quiet now.
    I've been at work being paranoid and grumpy. I've drained like half of my phone battery 4 hours into my shift because I keep checking here for updates. Ughhh I can't take this anymore!!!

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