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Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and I was wondering if there are any fellow CSN RN Spring '13 hopefuls out there. I just turned in my application today and I would love to get to know some of... Read More

  1. by   Sombra1206
    I was just at the health advising office on the Cheyenne Campus and there was a sign posted on the door that their office closed today at 1:00pm today. Maybe they were part of the selection committee??? As we near the end of the business day calls are not likely today.

    I think ---------- has to maintain the" end of the month" calls to keep her own sanity through this process too... However, they have called on Wednesdays five of the last six semesters. Here's hoping our phones start ringing tomorrow morning!
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  2. by   kateri8
    Thanks for all of the updates! Hope I get to meet you in the spring program! Keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to all of you out there waiting!
  3. by   SunshineDaisy
    Just don't answer your phone while driving. I did and almost got in an accident*L*

    While it is true some instructors have left, they have been able to fill the spots. Like any job, people come and go. Better offers, personal issues, health problems. I haven't heard of any 1st semester teachers leaving. We had a big turnover in 3rd semester, but so far so good!
  4. by   christina731
    Ugh...I can't sleep and I can't get myself away from this dang website! I don't think I will be able to function at work tomorrow if we don't get calls in the morning!
  5. by   Sombra1206
    Tick tock... tick tock... Let's hope we all hear good news today!
  6. by   LindaFD
    Good luck everyone! I'm glad to have found this website, it has definitely helped with the waiting... Hopefully we get our calls this morning!
  7. by   umpakc
    Every time either my cell phone or house phone rings I jump out of my skin...it is going to be a long day
  8. by   JohnHerra
    I feel a little too anxious waiting for someone to post they got their call. I almost feel like calling in and waiting it all out. Supposed to be today right?
  9. by   umpakc
    No guarantee it will be today but it seems like there is a good chance it will be today
  10. by   Sombra1206
    I am willing my phone to ring today!
  11. by   christina731
    I called the nursing department again, she said they plan on calling people tomorrow. In 5 out of the last 6 semesters they have called on a Wednesday, so lets hope she was just saying that so they don't get overwhelmed with calls from us when they are trying to call out...
  12. by   Sombra1206
    Thanks for calling... I may be institutionalized by tomorrow! On the bright side if we don't hear today at least we know we will tomorrow. If we get accepted isn't there a packet we have to go get from them?
  13. by   Andi311
    Thanks for calling! I can't think straight and I just want to know!!! Yes, there is a packet to pick up, which I am sure they will give the details when they call.