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hello all! i was just wondering, for those of you that are applying to csn's spring 2012 full time or part time rn program, when are you planning on turning in your packet? i know the... Read More

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    someones in the kitchen with dinahhhh...im sure you heard that one before lol. sorry I had to get that out of my head
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    lol, yeah (have even sung it!)!

    Glad you got it out of your system!
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    Facebook group is "CSN nursing class of 2013/14". All first semesters, add yourself to the group!
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    whoop whoop!! first exams are out of the way!
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    YAY! We start ours next week, eek!
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    So how is the first semester going for you guys? Is anyone working while in the program and how is that treating you? How many hours a week are you studying on average? Just turned in my application for Fall 2012, can't wait to see what happens.
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    I'm working, but after the first week of exams, I decided to no longer work full-time. Those exams were brutal because of the volume of stuff that I had to endure. Would I still recommend working while in this program? Definitely not.

    Oh yeah, hours a week studying on avg. is 3-9hrs total, so I must get more study time in. It's imperative that I study more!
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    remember study smarter not harder....studied constantly for pharm exam like a chicken with its head cut off and got an 82.5%....i studied basically one and a half days but i was systematic about it when prepping for the 101 exam and i only missed one question.

    oh and i work per diem part time as a caregiver....great job!