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    I am currently attending CSN and finishing up pre reqs for the RN program. This spring I am enrolled in BIOL 224, BIOL 251 and am taking ENG 102 and will be re taking PSY 101 in hope of an A this time around because I am getting a little intimidated by all this talk of having to have at least 28 points to be guarenteed a stop in the program. My husband is in the military so we are on limited time so I am trying to hurry and get everything done before the AF decides to tell us we have to move...my husband is on the thunderbirds too and have a 3 1/2 year old to look after while he is on all his trips...needless to say I have my hands full lol...any of you who have attended CSN know how hard BIOL 189 is to get into...I ended up with a C in it...since its a blood bath just about to get into it...I thought about retaking my psy 101 and math 100b to get A's(I eaned b in both) to boost the GPA up...can anyone tell me more about the program...I want to do the full time program and am shooting to get into Spring 2013... how many points is a guarenteed in?? is it really as competitive as they make it sound?? I have had people telling me unless you have a 4.0 you wont get in...please any input is great
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    Do you have health care experience? Having something like a CNA certification, EMT licence, or MA licence will give you more points. About 2.5 years ago I got in with a 3.2. I did not complete my nursing degree at that program. It is often said that nurses eat their young and that statement is very much alive in that school. If you can afford it I would highly recommend Kaplan's new ADN program.
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    I do not have any healthcare experience or a license for a healthcare position....I am hearing so many mixed reviews about the CSN program...I have heard its hard to get in, then others say they got in no problem...I am on limited time so I am nervous...If you don't mind me asking, how were your grades for getting into the program?? I really hate that they say the minimum grade is a C and then you get a C and they lecture you about it...my head is spinning so much with all this information ...
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    oh and if you don't mind me asking about Kaplan college...what is the curriculum like there?? do they require all the same prereqs and gen eds that CSN does??
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    I had a 3.2ish, and I had healthcare experience, but I know people who got in who had a GPA similar to mine without experience. It also helps to score high on the TEAS test so study for it, and do not forget you can take it as many times as you want just wait 6 months in between.

    I do not know much about Kaplans ADN program, but I would imagine it is very similar to CSN's. I advocate for Kaplan because they opened an LPN program that has done exceptionally well. Nevada does not have a very good track record for private nursing schools, but they seem to be an exception to the rule. I have been to all of the recent board of nursing meetings and I am always impressed when they present.

    If a Kaplan administrator sees this you guys are doing awesome. Keep it up!
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    I got accepted into the Spring 12 part-time track of the CSN program. I got in with 29 points and NO healthcare experience.

    I heard that one semester that the people with 24 points got in so it varies.

    In regards to the GPA, the higher your GPA, the more points you get and if I remember correctly, you have to have a minimum of 2.5 GPA or it might be 2.0, in either case, getting accepted is based solely on your GPA. Have you gone to hte website and printed out the sheet that shows how the points are given? Depending on what you get on the TEAS, you can 0, 1, 2, or 3 points (something along those lines). So, depending on how you do on that, it can help as well.
    i am starting their adn program in a couple weeks and honestly all you have to do is take all the classes and take the teas and you will get in as long as you have 28 pts..you get 22 points just for taking all the classes before applying....dont stress out. just aim for 3 pts on your teas and 3.0 or higher on your gpa and you will do fine.....and forget about the bio grade...i got a C in bio 189 and i still ended up with 31 pts. good luck!
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    Kaplan (Carrington) is closing their ADN program in March.
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    as far
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    Quote from Cupcake89121
    Kaplan (Carrington) is closing their ADN program in March.
    As far as i know the ADN program at Kaplan that starts in April is closed (class is full) but there is another one starting in Sept.

    Have you heard something different?
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    Approved Nursing Programs

    At the top of the page there is a blue link that says: Status Update Carrington College Las Vegas Campus
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    Thanks for the update but Carrington and Kaplan are two different schools
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    duh, my bad!

    Anywhoo, the private schools are definitely appealing because you don't have to jump through as many hoops. They are way more expensive though. Also, if you decide to go on and earn your BSN and MSN, some of the credits may not transfer. Make sure you ask the school recruiter specifically about this if it's something that interests you.