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Anyone here applying for fall? :)... Read More

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    I second that! Bio 223 seems like ages ago!
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    Is the NS bridge only on line?
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    Quote from D.Borden
    Is the NS bridge only on line?
    I think so...
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    Eek! I hope not. :-(
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    Working hard 123, did you have -------------for 223? I use to study with a girl who's daughter loved puss in boots.
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    I think it is all online...
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    I had a young Professor (*********). The Puss in Boots was an option for a generic pic I chose when creating my profile. :-)
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    lol, Just wondering (:
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    Any day they can call
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    OMG I'm absolutely going crazy from the anticipation!!! And nobody understands!!! They all think I'm nuts!! Lol!
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    I understand!!! I didn't realize I had a doctors appt that day. Needless to say, I rescheduled. There's NO way I'm missing that call!!!
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    Does any one know if it is one of those calls you have to answer? Or if I miss it, yet recognize the number, can call back?
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    I would imagine you don't have to be there. I'm sure they'll leave a message.