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    OMG!!! Has anyone happened to look in their planner on My CSN and noticed that under my planner that NURS 101 and 125 have been placed into it?? I know for a fact that I didn't do that could this be a way of knowing if we got in?

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    Busynurse2bee: I just looked in my planner and it was empty and u heard that 25 was the cut off for this coming fall?
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    That was what i heard the cut off was for fall of 2012...Im sorry I thought I wrote that before and I forgot to put that...as for the planner I think it was just a fluke because I sat there and added all classes and could delete them and what not so I don't think that is a good indicator whether we got in....grrr....WHY MUST THEY TORTURE US?? I am not a patient person to begin with, the fact that I have held out this long without getting frustrated is nothing short of a miracle...I have been trying to call limited entry all day, and of course no answer....
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    Busynurse2bee: trust me I know how u feel. It is torture and I am trying to stay busy but it is difficult lol I just want to know what expenses I need to pay for what dates and times of everything etc etc
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    As far as the 9 points issue, I was taking 224 ending in December with a girl that got accepted into the Spring semester (the one that started in January). I believe she was also taking 251 that semester. So she may have been the 9 points (or another just like her). She was passing both with flying colors and they needed a couple more people to fill the rosters (we can also assume that the LE office likely called the instructors to verify her grades). So technically, she may have had only 9 pts when she turned in her app, but had many more when the semester actually started. I was super happy for her and wish I had applied for that semester myself! She skipped this whole nail biting wait business. Lucky!!
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    I'm not sure about the amount of credits...when I took it in Dec/Jan it was 2 credits and I didn't have a choice. I have the toolbox instructor for lab so I will ask her next week.
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    Quote from kevin2536
    Hey Cristina, thanks so much for helping us with all of our questions! I won't be moving until the end of July, so I am unable to take the toolbox class. Would you have any other recommendations for getting prepared for dosage and calculations?
    I would see if you can order the textbook from the bookstore's website once it's available or you can order it and pick it up once you're here, it will still help even if you don't take the class. It's only a few dollars and it's written by the instructor. If you want, I can email some of my homework assignments from when I took it. Pm me your email if you would like the homework (this goes for everyone). Or google nursing dosages & calculations...maybe you can find some problems to practice.
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    I was going to apply for Fall 13 but didnt pass the TEAS. I have been hearing that most hospitals require BSN degrees and are telling their employees to go back to school to get their BSN. Are you guys planning on going to a bridge program when you are done? Have any of you ever heard what the employment rate is for CSN students? Im thinking I may apply after I take Math 120 and pass the TEAS (passed all areas but got a 58 on the English ).... but don't want to go to their program and not be able to find a good job.
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    Zombie kisses: from what I have heard csn nursing students get jobs after graduation however I applied for this fall so maybe someone that knows a little more on the employment may be able to answer for you. But I do plan on going to nevada state college for their bridge program being that I have taken most of my classes there to get my BSN.
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    Hi zombie, if you read through the previous posts, one of the current nursing students gives really encouraging feedback on the job prospects. I too plan to take the bridge program at NSC, but since you have to wait anyway and it's a worry for you, you might want to look into going straight into a BSN program (but they take many fewer students so it's much more competitive). If your grades are good and you live close to NSC or UNLV (that was a huge factor for me!), you might want to speak to a counselor there about your chances of getting in. For me, I still had a couple of prereq's outstanding (darn math and chem!) and it would have delayed me too long to get into their program (and NSC is on the other side of the world for me!) so CSN was the obvious choice. Additionally, CSN has a higher passing rate for the nclex than NSC. So that, in addition to the word that CSN graduates don't typically have trouble getting a job clinched it for me. Good luck!

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