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  1. 0 This semester is my second time taking micro and I still dont seem to understand anything, as if I have some type of block. I have only taken one exam so far and recieved a 60% on it. This is my last class I need before applying to the nursing program at CSN. Can someone please give me advice on how to pass this class; study tips, tutor etc.? Also if you have passed this class who did you take. Any suggestions is appreciated. I feel like if I cant pass Micro how am I going to be able to get through the nursing program :'(
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    I can't remember my professor's name but she was a younger woman on the Charleston campus. She made Micro seem really interesting and easy as well. I got a B and only because I slacked the first half of the semester during lab.
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    I took ---- for both lecture and lab and got an A. She makes it so easy and interesting! I hope you do well this semester.
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    maybe you need a study group?
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    can you tell me how and how often you guys studied? maybe i do not study enough or i dont have good study techniques. thank you all for your advice =)
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    I took it in the summer at NSC, spent nearly every waking moment with my nose in the book and pulled out a B+ with what is considered one of their toughest teachers. Then again I like essay test and a professor that says what exactly will be on the exam and what pages to study from.

    I took two science classes at CSN and never again will I take another class there (bio 189 and a physics class).
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    if you take ---- she gives you chapter objectives. I would fill those out, and it's all the stuff that'd be on the quizzes and tests. Her class is almost impossible to fail, really.
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    Oh, can we not say teachers names?? Hmm
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    that's right, sunshinedaisy.

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    Whoops, sorry about that!