CSN ADN Spring 2011 Uniform & Gear - page 3

Alright. I'm kinda jumping the gun here, but I'm already shopping for the required stuff. I found great Littmann prices at Littmann Stethoscopes including Cardiology III, Classic II SE & Electronic... Read More

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    Thanks WTX! You've helped tremendously.

    I was able to move my pharm class. So now I'm free after my lab in the mornings.

    I really appreciated all of the comments and helpful tips you've given us. They come in handy and are helping me calm down a bit. I'm trying not to stress so much, but it's not working very much.

    I hope you don't mind all of the questions.

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    You are very welcome. I remember standing in your shoes. You can ask questions anytime.
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    Thanks to all the people posting such awesome information.

    Here's the bag I am seriously considering. It's $140 in-store, but $99.00 with free shipping on Amazon.

    Amazon.com: PATRIOT from Swiss Gear by Wenger Triple Gusset Rolling Computer Case w/ Removable Tote: Electronics

    Any comments?
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    WOW !! How ironic. This is the same one I bought to start nursing school. I can tell you I have dragged it around a million miles and it is still going. The only drawback I found was if you carry your laptop you cannot put your Potter & Perry book and a large 3 ring binder in the back compartment. My solution, use a 1 inch 3 ring binder. Other than that I love it.

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