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  1. 0 I am a newly certified nursing assistant and looking for a job right now. I have called and walked in to several LTC facilities, but nobody is hiring CNAs at this moment! What is happening to the CNA job market? Is it just a temporary position shortage due to newly certified CNAs (in January & February) or has it been like this for a while?
    It looks I have no choice but to go into the home care field.
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    i see more cna jobs that rn when i was looking at net for nursng jobs
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    Im having the same problem. Las Vegas is obviously not new Grad Friendly. I thought moving from a small city like St. George, Utah to Vegas would increase my chances but after two weeks of hunting down H.R. im beginning to think i wasted my money moving here.....
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    After leaving my resume/job application to some facilities, I got a phone call from a LTC facility for an interview. They offered me a job so I took it. It's been over a month but I haven't heard from any other places.

    You don't have much choice when you are a brand new CNA, but might find something if you keep applying.
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    I am absolutely STARVING for a CNA job out here. It's frustrating as hell. My own employer won't even consider me for open positions within the company!! Even though I am qualified per the job description and BLS certified, a current employee (no wasted time orienting..) and have received personal kudos on jobs well done in my current department from the CEO of the facility. But I got a phone call from a recruiter at a sister facility where I applied. He told me that even though it wasn't in the job posting the hiring agent is looking for someone with 6+ mos of CNA experience in a HOSPITAL. In fact, EVERY job disqualified me for this. How in the sam HELL am I gonna get experience if nobody hires me (or any of us??)???
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    Las Ventanas is hiring i believe
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    The CNA market is really unfortunate here. I have been a CNA for about 18 months. It's absolutely a "who you know" kind of situation when it comes to acute care and hospital jobs. I currently have 2 home-care hospice jobs. I got lucky and got interviews pretty quickly because I submitted a cover letter along with a very well-groomed resume, and it seems that CNAs rarely submit cover letters. The way they choose applicants to be interviewed seems to be very old-school in that they look for a great-looking resume. My last job before hospice did this too. In fact, I never filled out applications until I was hired at all 3 jobs. It makes a difference. As far as hospital jobs are concerned, your best bet is to just hang out at the bar near the hospital you want to work at. You're bound to run into someone that works there ;-)
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    I am experiencing the same problem as many other new grad CNA's. Everyone wants at least one year experience. Well how do they expect us to get that experience if no one will hire us?!?! I finally had to take a PCA job in an assisted living hoping that experience will give me a boost in the CNA job market. I agree with a previous poster...Las Vegas is not new grad friendly! I'll just keep trying...
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    I've been grateful to have worked as a CNA in SNF's. I also had work at UMC as well. The market is hard here for EVERYONE regardless of title in health care. CNA, LPN or RN the road is tough everywhere.

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