Carrington College Reno,NV Entrance Exam - page 4

by jbeautiful17

I am taking the entrance exam next month and it sucks because the entrance exam is no longer the HESI test for reading, math and vocab. It is a kaplan test for reading, writing and math now and there is no study guide like the... Read More

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    I used the Kaplan entrance exams study guide that I bought from amazon. You could also get it from Barnes and noble. They have a lot of resources there in the nursing section
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    I am planning to take the entrance exam for the January start date at Carrington Reno, any suggestions ??
    I suck at math!!!!!!! Help
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    Did you do the test yet??? I too am OLD and suck in math!! I want to start in January so, I need to test soon to make the deadline.
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    I took the test in February and got in for the summer semester, all I used was the Kaplan study guide. It was really helpful with math. But not so helpful with the writing portion. Barnes and nobles has a whole section for nursing with study guides. Hope this helps!
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    How is the Kaplan test? The one I remember them having was Hesi. Is it a lot different? Easier? Harder?
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    i realize this is a little late. it is quite different in a number of ways. they only test you on reading, writing (grammar/punctuation) and basic algebra. i studied from the kaplan book, you absolutely dont need to know any geometry/physics whatever, just focus those decimals and fractions. reading and comprehension and writing i actually got SAT books and studied from them.
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    crschreib, have you taken this test yourself? How did you score? Is it really just basic algebra? I heard somewhere that it had physics and chemistry?
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    yea i took it last summer and i am currently in my second semester there! the math has no geometry, physics, or chemistry. the math is all about fractions, decimals, percentages, and being able to convert to and from fractions/decimals/percentages. there's some basic measurement conversions as well, as in, given x amount of gallons how many pints are there type of thing. i got a pre-algebra for dummies book and studied from that only for the most part. personally, the kaplan nursing entrance exam book wasnt really helpful at all for the math portion...