Best Agencies in Las Vegas

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    I am possibly interested in making the jump to agency nursing. What are the agencies that are being used around here? Anyone have a referral for me? I live in Vegas already and do not want a traveler position; just looking at an agency one. Thanks!

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    same question from me too..have u found any good agencies?please feedback
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    @ fischer

    I have sent you a PM.
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    I love my agency.. pm me if u r still looking... BTW: they staff for other agencies in the area too.
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    Im looking to move to las vegas and am looking for information on agencies--can anyone reccomend one?
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    Hi I would like that info as well thank you.
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    I would like to know about agencies also. My contract does not start for a few weeks and I need to work.
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    Hi, what is the agency you work for? I am moving to Kingman, and my bf lives in Henderson. I would want a night or two while I'm in town to see him, or if the job doesn't pan out.
    PM me your email so we can communicate. (italics per moderator)
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    Some of the agencies or nurse staffing companies, pay top dollar salaries in the entire country, let alone Vegas. However, they are very stringent in terms of education, qualification and work experience. Before you apply to any of them, make sure you have all your papers in order.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hi! My family is in the process of relocatingto another state & I resigned from my poosition as a staff. RN in one of the local hospitals here in Vegas 2months ago. Our move i s taking longer than expected and has put my career on hold &also our family's income. With about definite 2 weeks left in Vegas , would it still be possible to get a job in an agency? Do they still need to orient me? There are so many expenses with movibg & not hving an income for2 monthshas been such a hardship. TIA for your info

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