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  1. 0 Hello, I'm currently a nursing student that graduates with my RN in May. Technically, I'm considered a new grad, however, I've been blessed with the opportunity to work in the ED for the last year as an LPN. Nonetheless, my passion is high acuity icu (i.e. Trauma icu, neuro icu, or cvicu). I want this SO bad and I see that it IS indeed possible to get these positions if you're willing to relocate. I am DYING to relocate. I'd love to know What facilities/states are willing to put on a new grad? And those of you who went into icu upon graduating, what were your experiences??
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    To clarify, you will be graduating with your ADN, not RN. You don't become an RN until you take NCLEX.
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    Great. So now that I'm OFFICIALLY an RN 75 Questions later, once again, how were you all able to get into an ICU?
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    Congratulations! As a student I completed my final preceptorship in the Trauma-Surgical ICU. After graduation I interviewed for a position in the Neuro-Trauma ICU at the same hospital, a few weeks later received an offer for the job. I think your previous performance and experience within a hospital system is the most important factor when applying for a CC job. In my opinion you would be less likely to get a CC position in a system that is not familar with you but I could be wrong.

    Good Luck with the job hunt!
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    Quote from Chic88
    Great. So now that I'm OFFICIALLY an RN 75 Questions later, once again, how were you all able to get into an ICU?

    personally, I joined a professiona organization (try AACN if interested in critical care) and made acquance with several managers and educators around my area. My 1st interview was a bliss since I already knew the manager. I think you have many options if you are flexible and willing to relocate.

    Best of Lucks.
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    I know this is an older thread. I just wanted to give anyone reading this encouragement that there it IS possible to get an awesome position in the neuro ICU as a new graduate. I graduated in August, and passed my boards last week. I had an interview the next day with the neuro ICU and was offered a position yesterday! Lots of hospitals have great new graduate residency programs. I"m so excited to get started!
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    Awesome encouragement! I hope you're loving you're icu experience. I got hired there after 6 months of stepdown experience. My advice to anyone is that if icu is what you really want, go after it regardless!
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    Quote from Chic88
    Great. So now that I'm OFFICIALLY an RN 75 Questions later, once again, how were you all able to get into an ICU?
    Haha, I love the reply. I'm only in my first semester at a University in South Florida but my wife who is a nurse believes I would like neuro ICU. First post that came up when I decided to get some info. Congratulations on passing your NCLEX in 75 questions and officially becoming an RN. Haha, awesome reply.
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