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  1. Just wanted to give a shout out and let y'all know how excited I am to be a new grad and a future neuro nurse. I have taken a lot of advice from this forum, including utilizing the online neuro resources. I would just like to say I know that neuro is not the world's most famous specialty but I have chosen this opportunity over 3 other very tempting job offers. I was influenced to accept this position because of the inspiration my first clinical instructor was...(she was also a neuro ICU nurse). I am DETERMINED to love my job, keep my head down, and work my tail off! I am studying everyday in preparation for my new job and am so excited to be a nurse!
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    sweet, i just started neuro icu a few weeks ago. No it is not the most popular, but it is awesome, quite interesting, it has its days, but I am glad I'm in the neuro ICU. It will be a lot of hard work , but you will succeed.
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    OP - you need to also remember that even if our focus is on head injuries- patients are also critically ill with ards, PE, COPD, sepsis, and many others comorbidies conditions. that all adds up and you really care for MICU type patient where primary focus are neuro conditions.
    on my unit, we also do PAR. pt who goes to OR from ICU is back straight to us after procedure is done. we also get lots of cardiac cath and interventional procedure patients - lots of cardiac monitoring. many of my coworkers did 12 leads courses, also CE for nurses, stroke certifications, NIHHS cert, trauma CE...
    knowledge is huge and one need to thing about patient as whole person as anything can happen anytime.
    our hospital policy is also to admit anyone with any type of condition when we have any open beds.

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