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Post op cranies

  1. 0 Hi, Neuro nurses...
    I work in the OR, and I am curious about the pts on my neuro service.... like, the craniotomies for tumors, and aneurysms, in addition to the laminectomies, plif, tlif, etc.
    What are the recovery times for these surgeries? What kind of care do they require post op?
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    I see tons of crani's. The incision itself usually is pretty low maintance. The ones I typically see heal quite nicely. Crani's for aneurysms in my facility usually come back with staples and for tumor resecs. with stiches. We do site care on them qshift. I work in the ICU. We pull the staples out but from what ive been told it's not that painful for the pt. Other than that they aren't much trouble. Similarly, I would like to hear from any neuro rehab nurses, what it's like, the ave length of stay for an aneyruism pt, etc..
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    I sent a patient for a crani and they said he was up and about in PACU. I think recovery time depends on the extent of injury or deficits preop, but from what I've seen it's relatively easy recovery.
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    Quote from Tweety
    I sent a patient for a crani and they said he was up and about in PACU. I think recovery time depends on the extent of injury or deficits preop, but from what I've seen it's relatively easy recovery.
    Very true. The incision itself isn't usually our main focus, we generally have more issues with ICP, with an aneurysm pt., neuro deficits with a tumor. Besides the few times I glance at the crani per shift plus the time I spend giving site care is all I spend thinking about it.
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    i work on a neurosurg. floor and we get the cranis post op day 2 out of our med-surg ICU. It definitely all depends on their injury level. Some walk out to us, some are on our unit for 1-2 wks before they are ready to attempt rehab. It doesn't seem to mattter what the crani was for, they all seem to have a similar recovery time (i.e. vs crani for resection of tumour). Post-crani they have a turban dressing on their heads for 2-4 days then depending on the surgeon, 7-10 days later we take out the staples, sutures, or take of the steri-strips. We start PT and OT right away to help increase mobility.

    As for our backs, our protocol is d/c on day 3 post-op. Some need more care, but usually because of disease complications. Most are ready to go in 3 days and have their staples/sutures taken out at a dr's office, clinic, or through our ambulatory care unit.

    HOpe the info helps!
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    You are talking about very different procudures here and lots of complications can affect patients recovery.

    Craniotomy + e/o tumour are generally up and about day 1 post op depending on their deficits. Recovery depends on the type, size and site of the tumour. Some people will need rehab due to physical/cognitive deficits and others will go home approx 4-5days post op.

    Crani and clipping of aneurysms are a different story and depends if it is an elective clipping or they have had a SAH - the common complications after a SAH are hydrocephalus and vasospasm. Our aneurysmal SAH pts usually come back with an EVD in situ and need very close monitoring they can be with us for a week to over a month depending on their progress and the majority require rehab.

    Laminectomy patients vary quite a bit. Their pain and symptoms are obviously relieved but there is alot of post op education and precautions required re body mechanics. Their hospital stay is normally from 3days to a week. Generally the older population do need a short spell in rehab.