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  1. 0 I am about to graduate a second degree accelerated program. I have been offered a position on a Neuro ICU floor at a lesser known hospital, and I have been offered a position on a general med-surg floor at an amazing university hospital. Both positions offer roughly the same beginning wages and hours, but ICU has always been where I wanted to work. The staff and management of the ICU are amazing and they really want me there. The floor is absolutely amazing! I completed my transitions there, and learned more in 150 hours then my entire program. I do not know much about the people on the med-surg outside of being introduced to the staff. At the university hospital there is a great opprotunities for education and career advancement I am afraid I will not find on the ICU floor. My main concern is this... Is there more opprotunity of an ICU floor at a little known level 2 hospital or at the level 1 university hospital on the med-surg floor? Which would be best for future advancement?
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    I don't have the rich ICU/MS experience of others on here, but I would choose the Neuro ICU floor.
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    Do ICU, if thats where you'll be happy! With ur Icu experience I think you could get a medsurg job later on at that university hospital.
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    ICU!! Sounds like you'd get a very helpful & friendly environment and the experience you'd need to transition to a different ICU at any other hospital down the road.
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    ICU is the best place to start, you will learn SO much and be "marketable" to transition anywhere after that based on your ICU experience!