Broken Neck

  1. A close family friend of mine had a very tragic accident.

    He was riding his bike and fell a few feet down and broke 2 of his cervical vertebrae doctors said if he wasnt wearing his helmet then he wouldn't be here. Surgeons said that there is a chance that he may not make it through the surgery and the possibility of being a quadriplegic and stroke.

    I feel absolutely heart broken and so much sympathy for the family i cant even imagine how i would feel/react if it was someone who was close in my own heart.
    The surgery was to last 4 hours but took 7. there were a few complications along the way, there is a possibility that his vocal cords are severed. he is in ICU, induced coma. its day two now. not much of an improvement, flutter or eyes and minimal upper extremity movement

    Im praying and believing he will make it through healthy.

    Anyone else have a similar story to share? advice?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    So very very sorry for your friend.

    We can't offer medical advice but we can offer plenty of positive thoughts and prayers.
  4. by   Esme12
    He won't move much in a drug induced coma.........there are things only God can cure.

    My prayers for your friend and their famly.
  5. by   natalia13
    I am aware medical advice can not be given. im just seeking if other nurses have had family members in a similar situation? and if your willing to share.. and im not expecting any movement during coma induced. He is supposedly able to walk. unsure of his vocal cords and his breathing is unstable. I am praying to God for the best recovery possible.
  6. by   jkr2020788
    With many head/neck/spine injuries there is a lot of inflammation. One of the reasons that it is so hard to tell just how well the patient will do in the long term is becuase of the inflammation that occurs. Alot of times, as inflammation subsides, the patient will get better. Now I dont want to give false hope, because there is permanent damage that occurs. There is controversial evidence for and against the use of steroids for anti inflammatory steriods for spinal/neuro injuries. At any rate, the degree of recovery depends on the degree of permenent damage. Its pretty much a longgg waiting game...