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My GPA is 3.798. It's definitely not a it worth applying to Metro anyway? I will have A&P I and II, along with other pre-req's by the time I apply. Any experiences would be helpful.:)... Read More

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    Quote from kayrn85
    Actually the pass rates at Metro are very good right now, that link posted was based on 2010 info. That info was not for the most current graduating classes. They made changes(raising pass percentage in class to 78% and ATI testing practice and materials etc.) and pass rates have GREATLY improved. I just graduated the ADN program in May 2011 and I have kept up with our class pass rate and it is nearly 100%( I believe it's 95% last I checked). Not trying to change your mind there are lots of choices in nursing schools and ya gotta pick what is right for you but wanted to set the record straight on the pass rate. but good luck in school wherever you decided to go
    Oh, I decided to go to Clarkson. Thanks for the reply! (: I start this spring! whoohoo!

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