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Into the unknown

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    I have been looking for a job in ca for almost 7 months now...and I'm not a new grad!!! Was looking for a more challenging area of nursing, for career advancment. So in comes the " blessing in disguise". My husband who I'd military Is to be stationed in Nebraska this summer. From ca to Nebraska , what a move!!! Should I do it? For thoes who work in ca they would appreciate the kind of sacrifice I would be making . From the pay to patient rn ratio, to recreation and weather...
    Any thoughts/ opinions on what I should do? I have the option to stay in ca while he goes on his own. Anyone ever made such a move? If so , any regrets?
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    Anyone out here?
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    Go with hubby. He could pass from this earth earlier rather than later; then, you would be sorry you didn't take the opportunity to be with him as much as possible. With him being military, the possibility for separation is great to begin with. So, don't willingly add to that. JMHO
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    Caliotter3, thank you for taking the time to reply. Hubby is in the Military. Being gone/deployment is part of it. Even if I go with him, I won't be "with him".
    How is the job market in Nebraska? My fear is to go to a place with no job, no family, no friends....and a deployed husband!
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    Where would you be in Nebraska? It is a very large state with much of it being very rural. Would he be stationed at Offutt? I have lived in Nebraska for many years and love it. The cost of living is considerably lower than CA.

    Feel free to PM me with more specifics and I would be happy to answer your questions if I can.
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    Thanks for reply. I will PM you