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by stevejer

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Hello all: I read some interesting advice re the cost of Creighton University's accelerated nursing program. I have another question: Is it really that intense? Right now I'm at a two-year college getting my science credits in... Read More

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    I completed the accelerated program at Creighton last year. LOVE IT! yes is "intense" but its absolutely wonderful. I was a transplant from California and only moved out there for school, and now im back in California. The classes are small and the cohort becomes your little family. The school has great connections with the local hospitals. The good reputation will help you get a job once you graduation. I highly recommend this program. The clinical opportunities were wonderful. I've had friends attend programs here in CA and hated it.
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    I also completed the accelerated program last year, and I think it is a wonderful program. Very stressful, but very worth it in the end. It is pricey, but we got a wonderful education. I had great clinical experiences, and I was able to get a terrific senior preceptorship that helped me to get a great job after graduating. The cohort really does become a family.