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Hey everyone!! I didn't see any forums for those of us hoping to go to Creighton in 2011, either in Jan or Aug. So, how's everyone's process going? I just applied almost 3 weeks ago and am hoping for... Read More

  1. by   CreightonRecruiter
    Hi Everyone! My name is Erron and I am the recruiter for the School of Nursing at Creighton! I hope you are all enjoying your summer! I noticed there are some questions throughout this blog that people have about applications, deposits etc., please dont hesitate to contact me! E-mail is usually the best way to reach me, but I am more than happy to talk by e-mail to set up a personal appointment to discuss requirements/specifics of the program etc. I am always eager to visit with new people! With reference to time frames, generally I tell people 4 weeks from the day all application materials are in, we should have a decision to you! As was said in the above message, sometimes it does take a bit longer, especially depending on the time of year; however, we try not to make you wait too long! Good Luck and Best Wishes to you all!
  2. by   dlrosenRN

    I just got my acceptance letter a few weeks ago for the January ANC 2012 class, but am waitlisted for the August ANC class starting this year. So Exciting! I was wondering if for those who are already in the program can give a bit more information about the schedule... for example, class times, clinicals, experience in clinicals, etc.

    In addition, any tips on where to live? I will be coming from Northern California and have never been to Omaha, so am very curious ... where do most students live? Do students in the same cohort tend to find apartments together?
  3. by   stevejer
    I am feverishly collecting science pre-reqs in hopes of gaining admission to Creighton's accelerated nursing program in August. I'll be taking microbiology right down to the wire! I would love to read more about people's experiences with the accelerated program -- I've heard it's really intense.
  4. by   cgz13
    I have applied to the ANP about 2 weeks ago originally for the August 2011 program. Do you know if it is filled? I'm nervous I've looked around the area and really like creighton!

    Good luck and congrats to you on your acceptance!
  5. by   Lauren4268
    Hey everyone, just thought I'd chime in...I just started the January 2011 class and love it so far!! Biggest thing I've noticed is it's more intense that you will think. Clinicals and class time are equal to a full time job, plus all the studying outside of class. They mean it when they say no chance of working during the program. The first semester you have class mondays and tuesdays all day, and clinicals wed/thu or wed/fri depending on what rotation you are in (long term care, OB, or school screenings). Second semester is class mon/fri, and clinicals t/w/t with rotations being psych, pediatrics, and med/surg. The last 7 weeks or so of the program is your preceptorship, which follows the schedule of your preceptor, so anywhere from 3-5 days/week depending on shift type.

    Easiest way to find out if program is full is to contact the recruiter E. She's very helpful in the application process. Also, keep in mind they offer waitlist people spots all the way through the day before orientation, so if you are close to the top it's good to have all you immunizations/transcripts/fin. aid stuff ready to go just in case.

    DLRosen- I came from Sacramento! (folsom/citrus heights technically). I moved here without visiting first so I had a hard time choosing where to live. A lot of students chose River Park Apartments in Council Bluffs,'s about 5-10 min from campus. Seems like an ok area. You'll want to avoid anything North of campus at all....very rough neighborhood (just had a clinical there last week, it's the third most violent zip code in U.S.!!!) Most other areas are fairly decent. Downtown seems nice enough...a lot of people live between 30th and 72nd (school is at 24th st). I wouldn't really worry so much about being really close to school, the most you are there is 2 days a week anyway...clinicals are all over Omaha.

    Creighton is an amazing school so far and I'm loving my experience. It's only been just over 2 months, and the amount of information I've learned already is crazy!! If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM or comment!!
  6. by   stevejer
    Lauren 4268!
    Thanks muchly for the info on Creighton. I was very excited to learn I can apply right now (I thought I had to wait until I passed my second chemistry), so keeping my fingers crossed for August or January!
  7. by   ajb96278
    I just graduated from Creighton Nursing this May. There are a lot of things to do in just have to look I moved to Washington with my fiance and miss home sooo much!
    Creighton was the best 4 years of my life. If I remember correctly it did take awhile to hear back about my application, but I called and bugged people a lot about it
    Good luck to you, and if you choose Creighton you won't regret it!! GO JAYS!
  8. by   acotter
    Hi! I will be starting the Accelerated program in January, and I am still in search for an apartment. So far, I haven't heard back from anyone in my class about living near or with each other! I am from Wisconsin and have never been to Omaha, so this has been tricky trying to figure things out! Would you recommend living downtown close to Creighton? There are a few high rises that I am considering in case I have to live on my own. I am not sure I want to drive to school every day. But, if I lived near other nursing students I probably would!

    Do you have any recommendations on preparing for the program?
  9. by   acotter
    I will be starting the Jan. 2011 accelerated program!! I am from Wisconsin. Still looking for a place to live in Omaha! What about you??
  10. by   acotter
    I am starting the accelerated program in January and haven't found a place to live yet! If anyone has any recommendations or is looking for a roommate please let me know I have never been to Omaha!!!!
  11. by   anurseatlast

    Welcome to Omaha a little early! Have you thought about living on campus or is their housing not available? There are a lot of apartments that would be pretty close to the campus. It is hard to choose a place long-distance. Have you thought about coming a few days early and looking for a place? There are some long-term type hotels that charge $200/week (I think it is called Value Place) if you could afford to do that while you look. They are not in the Crieghton area but that is not a problem in Omaha - traffic is not a big deal.You can get anywhere in 20-30 minutes or less. (This also means you don't HAVE to leave really close if you don't mind driving although I think parking on campus can be a problem.) Also, you could ask the school if they have any recommendations for apartments.

    I would try to get your housing settled before the program starts because the first few weeks are stressful enough. If you would like, PM me - I would be glad to talk to you on the phone if you like. I have lived in Omaha for many years and think it is a great place to live (it has been in several lists of top cities for various things lately).
  12. by   Lauren4268
    Keep in mind that as the year goes on, you spend less and less time on campus and more days in clinicals that are spread out through Omaha and Council Bluffs, IA. I live in Harrison Hills in La Vista and love it. Its quiet and I never worry about crime or not feeling safe. It's about 20-25 min from campus, but that didn't bother me, coming from California and being used to hour commutes to school. I'm finishing the program in 4 weeks!! Can't wait! let me know if you have any questions about the program or Omaha!
  13. by   canursehopeful
    Hello everyone!

    I am a fourth year in college from Northern California and I am very interested in Creighton's ABSN program. Would any of the accepted students mind sending me their stats to see if I compare at all? I would appreciate the advise!