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Hi there, I will be starting NS at Creighton in Jan 08 and was wondering if anyone else is out there in the same class? Also any input from past accelerated graduates would be a huge help.......getting a little... Read More

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    Just wondering how the program is going for anyone enrolledin it righ now.
    Also what kind of loans were you able to get for tuition? all private?
    And when did Creighton send you your information packets? I recieved my congrats letter, along with a little paperwork to fill out, but I havent heard anything from them since, I thought that they gave you a website to talk to all other accepted students?

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    Hi mcm1213 , I may be going to see Creighton this week. I am extremely stressed. I have been accepted to 2 schools in Ca besides Creighton and am on a wait list for Arizona.. which I really want.. the program is paid for by local hospitals... The ca schools start in May.. I have accepted all of them since I really wasn't sure what would happen with Arizona.. I am going to look in the area that you suggested for apartments.. have you heard anymore about the progam?
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    I'm currently in Creighton's Accelerated Program graduating this summer. It is difficult and incredibly time consuming, but Creighton is a great school and the teachers are the best I've ever had. Feel free to PM me if you want more info about the program or living in Omaha!
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    I have this whole long reply to your PM but for some reason I can't send it to you. If you PM me your email address, I'll email you and we can talk from there!
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    Quote from jjk45

    I have this whole long reply to your PM but for some reason I can't send it to you. If you PM me your email address, I'll email you and we can talk from there!
    To be able to send pms you need more than 15 posts
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    dmskoka --
    no, i haven't heard too much else about the program. i wish that we would recieve a little more information reguarding expenses, i guess i really do not know where to start as far as loans go. i filled outa a fafsa, but will obviously be needing a private loan as well. i read that books are about 1,000 for the entire year which isn't horrible, and you can always get those on amazon or ebay. i think that they said more info will come around june. let me know what you think of the campus/town. like i said earlier, we will be getting an apartment in "west" omaha which is about a 10-15 drive max to the campus.

    jjk45 --
    any information on loans? are you working while in the program? how is the job outlook for those of you graduating soon?
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    Financial aid is pretty good, but you will probably have to take out additional private loans to cover everything. I think tuition was $38,000 or something like that this year, not including the ridiculous fees they charge every semester. Books were about $1200 at the beginning of the year, and you do have to buy one or two more for the additional semesters. Honestly, I wouldn't waste your money on the books...most of mine are still in the plastic wrap. I can give you more info on what books I would recommend if you want!

    I don't work and wouldn't recommend working while in this program. There's some who work a few hours a week, but any more than that would be near impossible. You have very little free time during the year, and I wouldn't want to spend that extra time working!

    The job outlook in Omaha seems decent. One of the major hospital organizations is in a hiring freeze right now, but should be breaking soon. I don't think people are too worried about finding jobs around here at graduation.
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    Thanks so much for all the info!
    I would love to hear from you on what books not to buy! I believe you 100% that you probably don't open half of them. I am currently a Registered respiratory therapist, and while in resp. school we bought a over a thousand dollars worth of books, and never opened half of them!
    About the working thing... I was just debating on getting a Nebraska license to practice respiratory and maybe getting a PRN job at one of the hospitals?!! if its doable at the time!
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    I just applied to Creighton and I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight as to how competitive the program is? I'm coming from an ivy league university with a BS and low gpa (2.88), but my prereq gpa is high. Anyone else mind sharing what it took to get into the program? Thanx so much!
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